MovieBob Testimonials: PIXELS (2015)

MovieBob suggests Adam Sandler’s most current is an before contender for the worst film of 2015 – and that is when he is remaining Pleasant!

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27 thoughts on “MovieBob Testimonials: PIXELS (2015)

  1. Chipman. Oh holy lord of all that is decent in the realm of modern media. I your most devouted and humble priest kneel to altar of your greatness and beseech thee! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE OH LORD!? We have praised at the altar of the big picture. We have burned the holy sacraments of Pixel DVDs, doritos bags and mountain dew bottles. We have sought to bring the demon corpse of gabe newel to a pyre infront of a golden statue to your glory.BUT STILL YOU REFUSE US! We beg of you oh grand chipman …. WHAT MUST BE DONE!? FOR YOU TO RETURN!? The pleabs thank god for Jim sterling. The weak thank Jim sterling for Yahtzee crowshaw. The followers. Thank the universe. For you!!!!!

  2. Mmmmmh, that's good rage.
    Also, why hasn't anyone made that heartfelt video game movie? I still watch that Pac-Man scene; it's a really good scene. I would've preferred if the whole movie was like that, and no, I wouldn't care that it would make absolutely no sense.

  3. I'm not a gamer so this movie didn't insult me on that level. I'm not an Adam Sandler fan but in spite of his presence this movie was vaguely entertaining to me. It was "chewing gum for the brain" I didn't take it seriously or expect much. They used gaming icons (ones widely appropriated outside of gaming) that non-gamers are aware of, so please serious gamers stop being so butthurt about it.

  4. awesome reviews as always movie bob but missing the intro and outro music :/

  5. I know I can't hold this against the movie, because it just wanted to have a joke, but I think it was really poorly timed. I'm on about the scene where PAC-Man creator Toru Iwatani is talking to him and trying to get him to stop, and explaining how he was meant to bring joy to people, then gets his arm bitten off…

    The reason I get upset about this is because it reminds me too much of how Satoru Iwata, the former Nintendo president, felt towards games and how he just wanted to make them to make people happy. It's that Iwata died last year, so I thought it was kind of bad timing for the movie.

    In good faith, I know they weren't trying to be mean, but that admittedly upset me a bit inside, given the circumstances surrounding Iwata. Even the name, coincidentally, is similar to Iwatani.

  6. I heard one suggestion from someone: They should implement a live system somehow, and have the Sean Bean character always die, come back and die again while having him complain why it always happens to him. (Again: NOT my suggestion, just thought I would share it)

  7. Moviebob logic:
    "fuck you if you watched this movie!"

    support movie bob with my patreon

    Yeah great logic there mate, Bite the hand that feeds.

    no wonder you fucking got kicked from the Escapist for being such a cunt.

  8. Came into this movie neither liking or hating Adam Sandler, he's done good stuff and some bad stuff, as most actors do. I liked the movie, i mean i'm not tattooing pixels onto my forehead or anything, but i was surprised to find so much hate being thrown at it, even critics i normally respect. I suppose the same gamer mentality that threaten harm onto female gamers requesting a more intellectual approach to the treatment of female archetypes in games (I am a gamer myself and find that ridiculous), are fueling this heated and uncalled for defense of their old school games. Again, just surprised so many critics that claim so strongly to be above the hype… fall into it so easily, all aboard the hate train, check your sensibility at the door!

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