My Favourite Wattpad Novels

Today I’m sharing my favourite wattpad books! SUBSCRIBE, ITS FREE AND IT MAKES MY DAY!

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Books I mentioned:
– Mute:
– 5:48:
– The Misfortunes of Lolita:
– Ante Meridiem:
– Wayward:
– Drunkards:
– Saving Elliot:

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‘Snow Warning’ by LeeDM101

23 thoughts on “My Favourite Wattpad Novels

  1. Guys, the storm and silence books by Robert their are AMAZING!!! Please show him some love it's really sooo good

  2. Thx a lot for ur recommendation I'm planning on reading these stories and for readers who love drama stories I read a story/novel called "The Bet" it's legit the best book I ever read it's an amazing page turner 👌🏻

  3. I really recommend: A Year Agreement, Silent Love, Luciano, The Bad Boy and the Tom Boy, Breaking The Bad Boy, Chasing Red. Just to name a few! I love so many!

  4. READ BAKED LOVE its so fluffy and cute and its not good for the heart. I am aware of my grammar errors but who cares ITS YOUTUBE. Also I'm tired.

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