My Top twenty five PS3 Online games

My ultimate and definitive record of the Top twenty five PS3 Online games
My Top twenty five PS4 Online games: out?v=Mh7iCmJgT_s
My Top ten PS4 Online games of 2014:
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40 thoughts on “My Top twenty five PS3 Online games

  1. My top 10 favorite games
    1- Uncharted 2
    2- Uncharted 3
    3- God of war 3
    4- God of war ascension
    5- Uncharted 1
    6- Tomb raider 2013 edition
    7- Far cry 3
    8- Assassins Creed Black flag
    9- Modern Warfare 2
    10- Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time

  2. your top three is my top three, uncharted 2, red dead, and the last of us are the only 3 games that have managed to make me cry like a bitch, but the one I cried the most was red dead, that game man, I bought it and thought it was gonna be a super "meh", little did I know I would end up doing the platinum out of enjoyment more than commitment.

  3. my top 25 ps3 games:

    1- The last of us
    2- Uncharted 2
    3- Red Dead Redemption
    4- Tomb Raider 2013
    5- Elder Scrolls Skyrim
    6- God of War 3
    7- Uncharted 3
    8- Shadow of Mordor
    9- MGS 4
    10- Far cry 3
    11- Assassins creed 2
    12- Dead Space 2
    13- Demon Souls
    14- GTA 5
    15- Max Payne 3
    16- Portal 2
    17- Mass Effect 2
    18- Uncharted
    19- Dark souls 2
    20- Heavy Rain
    21- CoD Advanced Warfare
    22- Bioshock
    23- Darksiders 2
    24- Spec ops The line
    25- Deus ex Human Revolution


  5. i am so glad you included the uncharted series and the last of us and i was waiting the hole video for u to say uncharted 2 and i was happy u placed number 1 its by far my favorait game along side the last of us uncharted 1 than uncharted 3

  6. my top 25 jogos

    25-naruto storm 2
    23-alone inthe dark
    22-resident evil revelations
    21-resident evil 5 gold edition
    20-devil may cry 4
    19-devil my cry 5
    18-resident evil revelations 2
    17-resident evil hd remaster
    16-silent hill downpour
    15-silent hill hd collection
    14-naruto storm 3
    13-resident evil 6
    12-dantes inferno
    11-gta 4
    10-gta 5
    9-god of war ascension
    8-god of war origins collection
    7-beyond two souls
    6-assasinos creed 4
    5-silent hill homecoming
    4-god of war 3
    3-the evil within
    2-the last of us
    1-heavy rain

  7. 1) Gta 5
    2) call of dutty black ops 3
    3) uncharted 4
    5) call of dutty ghost et black ops 2 et MW3
    6) the last of us
    numbre 1 ;)

  8. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen & Skyrim.
    Maybe Dishonored I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it looks good.

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