NC* Cruis’n (Wii) Review

My review for Cruis’n on the Nintendo Wii.

I was feeling a little under the weather for this review, so sadly I was a little less energetic then I would have liked to be.

Trolls: I also accept that I probably sound a little off as well so please forgive me in your harsh reality-based assholish comments 😀

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US 11.27.07
AU 02.14.08
EU 02.15.08

20 thoughts on “NC* Cruis’n (Wii) Review

  1. problem with this review is when he stated" I was set not to like this…" this means hes made up his mind even before playing it and doing his 2 minute research just added to it…

  2. I LOVED the Cruis 'N games on N64 (and arcades). It's the only racing games I ever liked that didn't star Mario or Diddy Kong etc. I had no clue that this game even existed on Wii until today. WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS?

  3. I have a ?
    I bought this game for my son, and it doesn't seem to save, when I cut it off and bak on I have to start back over.
    Also how do you play multi player?

  4. I find it pretty fun although part of it may be nostalgia from the 1990's arcade Cruis N' games. Sometime I just want to pick up a controller and play a simple racer that goes really fast and turns very tightly so you never need to slow down or corner properly. I think that's why I also like Hydro Thunder so much, I wish they'd make a home port of h2overdrive.

    I don't care that it has PS2 level graphics, that's good enough for me.

  5. No. The Fast and Furious arcade is a stand alone title. Midway lost the license to the Name. When it was ported to Wii, midway rebranded it Cruis'n. Neither the Fast and Furious arcade nor this port have any relation to the old Cruis'n.

  6. It's sad indeed this game was terribly ported, even worse it couldn't be Fast & Furious due to license lose, but I actually enjoyed this game, as short and easy as it was, I enjoyed it, partly because I wasn't blessed to play the Arcade Fast & Furious. It's not as great as the past installments due to down grading and being rushed (But ALL the Cruis'n ports were down graded in graphics to suit the N64's power.), but this game's fun for simple arcade style gaming.

  7. well good for you, but here's tip: Ever heard of Cruisn Exotica? Cool game, also made by midway, did you know if you double throttle during the "continue now" screen, you'll get another credit?

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