NEERJA Bollywood movie trailer reaction by Jaby & Uasakura!

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27 thoughts on “NEERJA Bollywood movie trailer reaction by Jaby & Uasakura!

  1. Jaby I really like your videos…but India is a nation of various languages and they were talking in Hindi which is one of the regional language of India…
    Neerja is based on true story. The film focuses on Neerja Bhanot who thwarted the hijack attempt by preventing the plane from taking off, which resulted in the lives of 360 hostages being saved.

  2. the whole pakistan is effected with taliban ! people are struggling to get rid but taliban has captured pakistan and gov is funding Taliban ! pigs

  3. The girl, Neerja was actually 22, the incident took place about 3 days before her 23rd birthday… And not that it matters, but she was every bit as gorgeous, if not more so than the actress playing her.

  4. The Language is Hindi 🙂 Not Indian – Just like English in US not American , Spanish in Mexico and not Mexican and Portuguese in Brazil and not Brazilian or Mandarin in China and not Chinese :-)

  5. Heyy!
    I love watching your bollywood movie trailer reactions!
    i just wanted to tell u that this movie"neerja" is based on a real life story!
    you can google it also :)

  6. oh.. this wasn't what I expected… U people totally missed the part that the girl was just 23 and saved 359 lives. u were busy discussing that the girl is so pretty. It was a bit insensitive. U should have watched trailer with subtitles.

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