New Kindle Hearth Hd Kids Edition Pill with Amazon Freetime – Overview 2014

Unbiased evaluation of this new tablet manufactured for the kiddos!

25 thoughts on “New Kindle Hearth Hd Kids Edition Pill with Amazon Freetime – Overview 2014

  1. Hi, I got version with SD card. I'm not able to make my Fire start in kids mode. When switched off (adult mode or kids mode) and switched on again it will always start in adult mode… Is there a way to do this? Thanks

  2. this tablet sucks just get a normal one and you do know kids might do somthing else when reading time so this tablet sucks booooo!!!

  3. Did u order your kids tablet registered to your account? Do they have their own password or is it registered with your password as well? 

  4. Hi good morning.
    Question what are your thoughts on the product LeapTv?
    What other electronic gadget do you guys have?.

  5. Your missing one MAJOR part here! Storage! with only 4.5 GBs of available space it really makes this devices useless. I literally put 1 app on my son's device and it was saying I only had 233MB of space left. It also wouldn't let me open anything when the space was that low. I also noticed that if the space ran out it would kill my WiFi for some reason. I think the space on this device is a REAL issue and really prevents anyone from being able to utilize the good features. 

  6. Thanks for this. My two year old just broke our five year old daughter's tablet and I have been reading through all of the reviews and it was great that you addressed the concerns reviewers raised. It does seem like parents really are kind of lazy about learning how to use it.

    My daughter figured out how to use her old one without any help from myself, so I think she'll be fine. She has no real reference point so there is probably no different learning curve for her using any tablet.

  7. In the apps section of freetime, it shows a large number of apps, but when tapped on, they only turn grey and have an x in the box.  It seems I need to download them first in the adult profile, which is fair enough, but my 3 year old keeps hitting them expecting them to start and they don't work.  Is there a way for the free time menu to show only the apps that are actually installed on the device (and that I have selected)?

  8. Pretty nice review! For future reviews on devices though, I suggest you mention the specs of said device. Mainly RAM, if it has any; storage amount, not sure if you mentioned this; and CPU speeds are very important to those who know what they want out of a kids tablet, and puts the pricing into a better perspective. Good review though, I like how you went into the parental controls, it really is a nice feature! Lastly I found it pretty funny seeing the guy recording xD

  9. Do you know where I could find what apps are available for the Kindle Fire Kids Edition?  (And, do you know if YouTube is available for this?)

  10. Hey mumsy, my wife and I are thinking of getting this tablet for my 8yr. Old daughter. How old is your children that the tablet is for? My kiddo will be 9 on Dec. 26th. Do you think this is a good option? Thanks

  11. This is amazing on what kids have now days. The only tablets we had as kids were paper ones lol. No fancy screen to look at either. We did have computers back in our day but nowhere near as this generation. Really nice review. 

  12. Can you access the Google play store? My kid loves plants vs zombies. 

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