NickToons MLB Review (Wii)

The Wiiviewer reviews NickToons MLB for the Wii.

25 thoughts on “NickToons MLB Review (Wii)

  1. This game would've been okay if it weren't for the controls. I loved hearing Gir's funny dialogue and playing as Spongebob and Sandy, etc. however I agree with you on the character models…most of them are pretty horrifying

  2. I actually liked this game because as soon as I saw Danny phantom I knew I had to buy this game. Danny phantom was my childhood hero back in the day and I watched that show a lot when I was younger. Anybody hoping that Danny phantom vs Jake long will happen in season 4 of death battle? Because I sure am. Who's with me on this battle of two teenage superheroes?

  3. 1:20 Wait a minute, I'm calling bullshit on the roster.
    Zim, WITHOUT his human eye disguise I can let go.
    Spongebob, ABOVE water I can see.
    But Toph, a BLIND girl being a baseball player, HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?
    I get that her Earthbending powers lets her see who is standing on the field, but how will she see the ball?!?

  4. ZIM and Gaz have a certain interaction together. Both need to be on first base and you need to make ZIM hit a home run.

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