NISSAN LEAF Road Test Review – Classic Game Room

Nissan Leaf electric car road test from Classic Game Room. CGR reviews the 2013 Nissan Leaf with a rad road test where I look at its bizarre styling, handling, interior comforts and ELECTRIC power!! Why pay for gas when that money can be spent on Sega Genesis games?

23 thoughts on “NISSAN LEAF Road Test Review – Classic Game Room

  1. I just purchased a 2015 Leaf – my first electric car, and I couldn't stop laughing at this review.  Best on YouTube!  I too hate going to the gas pump that monetary leeches we have been forced to attach to our wallets – not to mention the emissions.  The Nissan Leaf is sort of like the ugly kid in school – you get to know them, and discover how wonderfully cool they are.  The old classic saying – 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' comes to mind.  So – be nice world and Leaf it alone! (see what I did there?)  Kudos for a great video!

  2. Electric motors have good kick, the torque, it's direct and is continous. Very different of an internal combustion engine with several ratios for distributing the optimal peak of torque and power depending of the engine revs. If the companies develop better batteries and power supply devices in the future, it could easily displace the preference of getting gasoline cars to commute or even to travel certain distances.

  3. Wow, knew you were near Pittsburgh, didn't know you were THAT close 🙂

    28 will be under construction until the end of the Universe. And it will always have people doing 74 in a 55 zone…

  4. Mark seems to be trying to go green. He grows tomatoes and he recently bought some solar panels. And now this. If got his own generator, he could fill up at home.

  5. The Nissan Leaf as Top Gear put it, it's the equivalent of driving a Betamax player. It may seem practical next to fossil fuels, but in reality it really isn't. The technology just isn't there yet to replace fossil fuels completely and outperform it.

    Because if we aren't surpassing fossil fuel, we're going backwards with cars. Until we get an electric car that can go beyond a hundred miles on a single charge, and shorter charging times, it's going to be several decades to come before we really see a huge advancement in battery technology to allow an electric car to outperform a fuel based car.

    But really, hydrogen is the future and protein cell batteries.

  6. So when you go into the dealership and ask to test drive the "Leaf" do they require your I.D., signature and your Man-Card to be turned in? Cause you'll no longer be needing your Man-Card driving a "Leaf".

  7. Hopefully one day soon these electric cars will look nice, I guess they do it this way to slow the uptake.

  8. Hybrids and electric cars get a bad reputation, but Mark isn't kidding about the pep. We have a C-Max hybrid at work, and when it's running electric, the 0-60 is AMAZING.

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