Nursing Sample Cover Letter

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In today’s growing world, it is difficult to find a decent paying job as there is more demand for it than what can actually be supplied. For the nursing profession, it may be a different ballgame, as according to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for registered nurses is expected to increase by 23 percent from 2006 up until 2016. However, though the demand for nursing graduates is increasing, there will always be a need for nurses that can offer the best service and those with the best educational background and other creditable skills to match. To be able to land a job as a nurse, be it a job at the office of a physician, or home health care service, or outpatient care centers, or at general medicine and surgical hospitals, or nursing care facilities, it is necessary to prepare for the application process. And what better way to start than by writing a good resume that comes with a well thought of and well written cover letter.

A nursing sample cover letter is attached to the submitted resume that sums up in one page the purpose of application, and to highlight the applicant’s skills and what he or she can offer the organization. There are four major parts of a cover letter. These are the header – contains the date when the letter was written, the complete name and address of the recipient of the letter and the salutation, the introduction – where the applicant gives a short background on how he knew about the job opening, the body of the letter – the main part where the applicant sells himself by stating his abilities, skills and experiences that make him best suited for the position and the closing – where the applicant closes the letter with what his next steps are, and the signature line that includes the applicant’s full name, contact information and address.

For nursing applicants, nursing sample cover letters have a different target area in the body as compared to other cover letters. For the introduction, you can start with, “As per your advertise in the Town Gazette, I am interested in the position of Head Medical-Surgical Nurse at the ___ Hospital,” or you may choose, “I am a graduating student at the University of ____. According to your advertisement at the ____, you are in need of an assistant head nurse. I am writing you to apply for the position available.” Once you are done with the introduction, you may proceed to the next paragraph, which is the body of your nursing cover letter. You may find that there are different approaches in writing the body as seen in different versions of a nursing sample cover letter. However, the main gist of this section is to be able to enumerate your accomplishments and the level of education you have attained to impress the reader of your cover letter. Then end with another paragraph saying, “I will call tomorrow afternoon to follow up on the status of my application and set up a final interview date and time.”

By Dirk Daggler