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Krosmaster: Arena is a light miniatures game for 2-4 players ages 14+ with an average play time of 75 minutes. Published by Japanime Games.

“Krosmaster Arena is a PvP-orientated card game that offers the lustiest warriors among you the chance to challenge other players to heated battles in arenas scattered around Hormonde.
All players begin with the same number of points which they use to build a team of characters whose various talents must fuse to form a versatile and powerful fighting force – only those with the perfect strategy will prevail.

In Hormonde, a strange world deep in the folds of time, the Hour Demons have finally found a hobby worthy of their cruel hearts… the Arena! The idea is simple. They select warriors of all ages and lands and whisk them away to the Hormonde where the enslaved gladiators must fight for their souls and the chance to become the ultimate champion.
Why don’t the gods put an end to this macabre circus? Why does Xelor himself turn a blind eye to the demons’ meddling with time’s delicate web? Well you may ask, but it is not for us mortals to know the minds of the gods.

Intense combat in which all participants have equal chances of victory. Starting out with an identical budget of points, all combatants seek to assemble that perfect team of fighters – a fearsome unit with limitless versatility.

A team of characters to guide
All players create their own characters and equip them with spells, weapons and items adapted to their requirements. This process is repeated until players have built a full team of fighters.

Krosmaster Arena is played with cards which players use to cast spells and equip items, while randomly drawn “event cards” spice up the game at each turn.

Wining condition for each game are different and go according to scenarios you choose to play.”

Component Quality: 2:21
How To Play: 10:40
Sample Game: 26:30
Family Friendliness: 51:15
Final Verdict: 54:48

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23 thoughts on “Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews Presents – Krosmaster Arena

  1. Very well done. A fantastic, comprehensive review. I've watched every tutorial, playthrough, and review for this game. This was by far the best one to watch. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful in-depth review. I bought it at a Con in Baltimore two days ago and they gave away two extra characters from 6 they made available at the con. I picked up Ruel Stroud and Argon Gass who I thought looked cool. I also got the Duel Pack and Multiman which I should have in the next couple of days….this is my first board game and pretty much everything you talked about is what drew me in….also at the con they had one that was massive that they used as a demo piece to teach and I am sure they made some good money.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I am switching to a new format starting with my Pathfinder review, 2 videos, one a play through, and the other a review. Same amount of content just in smaller bits!

  4. Great Job!! Excellent detailed review of the game from start to finish! I think this is great for people who basically want to see and examine all the parts and rules of a game before buying it. Great job, but that is not for me… The excellent detail is also my constructive criticism. I only watch video reviews of games to watch a "play session" as I want to "see' the game in action, not hear about all the bits, the rules, explanations of everything. My BGG name is David Cunkelman – 3RIPMAV

  5. Hello, here after reading about your BGG contest. First time watching one of your reviews and I think you do a great job! I like the long, detailed review with the rules summary. I really appreciate how honest you were about the components too, might be a bit of an issue for me (still waiting on my copy). My biggest suggestion, maybe offer close up snapshots of components instead of moving your hands up to the camera. Waiting for the proper zoom is a bit disorienting! Great job though!!

  6. Here for BGG contest. My first time watching a review of yours. I like the production quality. Also very In depth. Whaitch also may be the one thing I didn't like. Video is very long and I tend to lean toward the shorter videos. I usually skip the rules breakdown anyways, so it's not that big a deal. Thanks you earned a subscriber 🙂

  7. Again, one review that helped me tame the decision. Definitely a good game to buy. Thanks again.

    Ps.: I loved the Ace Detective.

    I also have my program on youtube about board games. Give a look. It is in portuguese : )

  8. I would get #1 Fire and Ice first for the additional healer and additional ranged attacker to round out the teams. That purchase alone will round out your potential teams the most and then after that pick ones that suit your personal play style.
    Thanks for watching!

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