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Descent: Journeys in the Dim 2nd Version is a board video game in which a single player can take on the position of the treacherous overlord, and up to four other players choose on the roles of courageous heroes. Through each video game, the heroes embark on quests and undertaking into unsafe caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons, and cursed forests to battle monsters, make riches, and endeavor to prevent the overlord from carrying out his vile plot. Featuring double-sided modular board pieces, innumerable hero and ability combos, and an immersive story-pushed campaign, Descent: Journeys in the Dim 2nd Version transports heroes to a vibrant fantasy realm the place they have to stand alongside one another against an ancient evil.

Descent 2nd Version is for 2-5 players ages 14+ with an typical engage in time of a hundred and twenty-one hundred fifty minutes.

Intro – 2:05
Components Breakdown – 5:02
How To Engage in – ten:fifty four
Sample Activity – thirty:20
Relatives Friendliness – 1:02:05
Remaining Verdict – 1:05:35

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32 thoughts on “Off The Shelf Board Games Descent 2nd Version Movie Assessment

  1. i love this game and i enjoy playing it but calling the lightning bolt for some reason is bothering me it sounds so much better to call it a serge.

  2. Excellent review. I share your objection to the easy revival rules, and your house rule looks very reasonable. I also dislike the LOS rules and the ability of large monsters to squeeze through tight spaces. Having tokens for the lieutenants is a big buzz kill.

  3. Note for 37:30. You would actually not be able to perform Ashrian's heroic feat as her second action because you already used up her second action for her attack. Her first action was to move 5 spaces, so that's all actions.
    Ashrian's heroic feat does cost one action to use (indicated by the arrow) and you have no actions left, so you could not have used her heroic feat in that turn.

    Anyway I still want to thank you for the video. It's mostly correct and comprehensive which is not easy when showcasing such a complex game.

  4. Great review, im fan of board games and I play often with a group of friends on weekends and i was wondering if i should buy this game or not.
    I've played D&D ed 3 & 4, Game of Thrones, Last day on Earth and a couple of more games from Call of Cthulu universe (mansions of madness and arkham horror).
    I want to ask you how complex is the stat management and the general rules?
    On average, what is the lenght of each game? does it take a few hours or will it take days to play a venture/campaign?


  5. I noticed you didn't take an Overlord card when the hero was defeated – you then said you don't think there's enough cost to being defeated. I wondered if you hadn't realised the OL Card rule? If so, and you still don't think it's enough, I wonder if taking 2 OL cards might be a bigger cost but still avoiding elimintion?

    Anyway, thanks for the review very helpful to get me started. Cheers!

  6. I'm waiting for this game to be delivered. I have 3 questions (so far!):

    1. I thought from another video that equipping items is a specific phase in the player turn? So when the thief finds the helmet, he should not be able to equip it until his next turn, right?

    2. I didn't notice the goblins move or attack at all during the OLs first turn? EDIT: I noticed it's because they were stunned, but if I understand correctly they should still have been able to take 1 action each. I think someone else pointed this out already though.

    3. On the OLs first turn, the Ettins both ttacked then stayed put next to the heroes. Can't they continue their move if they had spaces remaining? In which case doesn't it make sense to move them at least 1 step away from the melee heroes so they have to spend a move action and can only attack once?

    Those are my Qs so far, I want to understand the rules as well as possible before the game arrives so I can teach my kids the right rules. Cheers!

  7. Hello, thanks for the video review. I am curious about the square size on the game board — are they 1"x1"? Also, are the miniatures hard plastic or the more flexible rubbery kind? I ask because I wonder if the miniatures might be interchangeable with the ones for the Dungeons and Dragons board games. Do you have any thoughts? Thank you.

  8. Whynot66 from bgg here. I really enjoy being able to see such a detailed breakdown and example of play. Just a small nitpick I have is to lower the volume of the music a little as it ends up being much louder than any of your dialogue. Keep up the good work I cant wait to watch more of your videos in the future.

  9. Very great introduction and presentation of the game. I only have one advice and that is that you make separate shots of the different cards and when you mention them, show them momentarily in a focused lens. Right now it's quite hard to see what is written on the cards. I tried several times in vain to see and figure out what was written on the cards through unfocused lens. If you could show the text just momentarily it would improve the video and give an idea of what kind of text is written.

  10. Ok, thanks, now it's more clear.
    I don't have the game yet, and it is sometimes hard to follow without having the cards in front of me…

  11. He played two overlord cards. The second one allows you to spend a lightning bolt to gain 3 damage. He's essentially using them to combo with each other.

    It's just a coincidence that the overlord card and the ettin both add 3 damage.

  12. Great video! One question:
    At the minute 44:20 you use a warlord card (Dark magic I think) to gain an extra bolt while attacking with the white ettin one of the heroes. And you use the special ability to increase of three damage points for a second time during the attack (the first bolt was on the dice). Is it allowed to use the bolt special abilities twice or more if on the character card there is only one? I thought not… since on some cards the same bolt ability is reported twice

  13. Finally, another house rule I've seen on the internet for player death is that the overlord takes a hero token (corresponding to the hero card style) when a hero is knocked out. Once the fourth (final) hero token of that type is taken by the overlord, that player is permanently dead. It's not an auto loss, but it does make it harder on the players.

  14. Quick comment – you misplayed the stun ability. The latest FAQ clarifies that it takes one action to remove the stun, not two the way you played it in this review. If the goblins had had one ability, you might have been able to get a few of the goblins behind the ettin in the first round and gotten a few of them off the board.

  15. @Cole Sebert – True and they do look nice. Personally though I just substituted in some Heroscape miniatures which worked fine for me. It still would have been nice to have the miniatures in the box though.

  16. @Fate toms – to use a role playing reference it is basic versus advanced D&D. 1.0 is more in depth but with that depth you get many more hours of time investment while 2.0 can be played in 90 minj tes or less but the rules are much more streamlined.

  17. Can anyone give me a quick explanation on the differences between Descent 1.0 and 2.0? And also what about Doom compared to the Descent games? I know they basically have the same mechanics just a different theme, but are there any pros and cons aside from the theme aspects between those games?

  18. Zfresh
    I don't recall the exact wording from the rulebook since it is worded oddly but basically enemies block squares and allies do not. Additionally enemies do not stop you from going between them if they are diagonal but DO stop you from going between them if orthogonal. I imagine that last bit was a concession from square to hex movement.

  19. Dumb question here and I haven't played for awhile but are you able to move THROUGH enemies? Because when I was playing as the Overlord we took the rules as I couldn't move through the other heroes and they basically surrounded me ( I had that big fat guy..slave driver or was the interrogation quest) and kept me from being able to push forward. I tried to kill them but my dice rolls were less than satisfactory.

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