Off The Shelf Boardgame Reviews Presents – Robinson Crusoe Part 2

Robinson Crusoe is a cooperative game for 1-4 players ages 14+ with an average play time of 2 hours.
Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek
Published by Z-Man Games.

“Take on role of one of four characters from the ship crew (cook, carpenter, explorer and soldier) and face the adventure. Use your determination skills to help your team mates, discuss with them your plan and put it into practice.

You will build a shelter, you will build palisade, weapons, you will create tools like axes, knives, sacks, you will do everything you can to… to survive. You will have to find food, fight wild beasts, protect themselves from weather changes…

Search for treasures. Discover mysteries. Follow goals of six different, engaging scenarios.
Start from building a big pile of wood and fire it to call for help, and then start new adventures. Become exorcist on cursed Island. Become treasure hunter on Volcano Island. Become a rescue team for a young lady who’s stuck on rock island…”

This is part Two in a 2 part video series.
Part two Includes:
Sample Gamplay: 0:32
Family Friendliness: 49:12
Final Review: 57:55

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P.S. I made a few game play errors (teaches me not to record at 3 a.m.!) all but one of them I caught pre-production and annotated in the video. Unfortunately I did miss the really obvious one with the Cook, the Puma, and the Night Phase out of camp. You do get to see it done correctly the following turn though.

25 thoughts on “Off The Shelf Boardgame Reviews Presents – Robinson Crusoe Part 2

  1. Being able to see what type of event card will be drawn next provides a nice heads up of what may or will happen next turn, allowing players to plan accordingly. However, I like to be surprised when I draw cards. So, when me and my buddy played our first full game, we decided to pull from the bottom of the event deck. We also made sure that when we shuffled, we reshuffled until a standard event card was on top of the deck. This made it so it was more difficult to shuffle dishonestly.

    And, if it doesn't sound like the game would play much different, consider this:

    My friend gained a wound, I think with a building event card. Now, had we been drawing from the top of the event deck, we would have seen the building event card pop up a day before it had to be drawn. Since we would have known what the card was likely to be, we would have made the medicine that same day to protect my friend. However, because we were drawing from the bottom, we didn't know when the building card would pop up. Every turn we went without making medicine was a huge gamble, because we wouldn't have any warning of it being drawn!

    I highly recommend drawing from the bottom. Not only does it make dishonest shuffling more difficult, but it makes every event card a total surprise!

  2. Thanks for both of these videos! I have had this game for a while, but have been reticent to delve into it. Your videos have inspired me to finally give it a try. Thanks!

  3. You could have used the token with the cancelled cloud on it to lower the weather impact by 1 cloud. And you could have used the cook to lower cloud impact as well (alcohol).

  4. Your videos are so informative and helpful when learning a new game. On an educational point, I'm learning German and buy German versions of games and find board games like this really great for learning vocab and immersing myself in the language. Reading complex rules in a 2nd language can be challenging though, so it's great to come across videos like yours! 🙂

  5. A friend of mine recently purchased this board game and he had no idea how to play. He showed us the game but we didn't get it either. I'm am going to show this video to my friend and hopefully we can play with all our friends sometime. Thanks for the video!

  6. I think all I can do at this point is repeat things other people have already said, but I am going to do it anyways. Amazing, really really helpful video! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this (and do it so well and thoroughly). My brother and I just ordered the game after watching this and I subbed to your channel. I will definitely check out some of your other reviews in the future. Keep up the great work!

  7. This is SO useful!! Thank you for dedicating such effort and time to do something so awesome and helpful for us 🙂

  8. Both videos were a lot of work and i honestly think they are amazingly useful, thank you so much for putting so much effort in the videos and help people like me discover this amazing game! I don´t usually watch reviews that go beyond the 20mins mark, but i did watch both parts and think it was the best 2hours 15mins i could have invested before finally buying the game! Thank you again!

  9. This was good – and it was understandable – I wonder how you could provide corrections without the scrolling – it was kind of distracting.  The loss of mike – required me (at least) to back up and re-review.  Not a big deal but its a long video anyhow. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

  10. Great video, thank you very much! I really like the way you are presenting nearly everything that one needs to know 🙂

  11. I noticed one more mistake (that made your game even harder :)).
    At 41:30 (when you drew "hungry predator" adventure card) the first part of card actually tells you to get 2 wound and GET 2 food/ fur, not to discard food and fur. Theme wise – you killed an animal, got hurt, but still got food and fur as a reward :))

  12. Good catch! I made a few mistakes on the play through that got past the editing phase. It's not a knock against the game, it flows very well, more of a knock on my late night recording (2 am).
    Thanks for watching!

  13. there are several mistakes in this playthrough. @ 13:58 you can not feed the cook with food because he has to spend the night outside the camp, caused by the event card he encountered this turn. also, I think one of the two food you get by the food crates is a non perishable food, so you could have saved that one for the next turn

  14. Fabulous video! That said, given this is framed as a review and was done as two lengthy parts, I might suggest maybe having one part be an actual review (like what you have at the end of this video) and another part be the walkthrough and presentation (combine what you did with part 1 and the first half of this video). Between the two vids, you actually have to wait almost two hours before an actual review with thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Regardless, top notch vids! (gloomhaunt on BGG)

  15. Thank you Marco! I am going to try and contact Mr. Trzewiczek and see if he is willing to release any information for me to post over at Thanks again to Vojtasjedyny for the heads up (have a look at their youtube channel for nice video of the game!!

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