OkCupid vs POF | On the internet Relationship Critique

Struggle of the Top Free of charge relationship web-sites! Which a single is Really greater? This is my evaluate!

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13 thoughts on “OkCupid vs POF | On the internet Relationship Critique

  1. Agreed! Cupid does have a better selection of "Attractive" people. Also, POF feels like more of a hook up site.

  2. comparing POFakes to OKCrapped, is like comparing dog shit to horse shit. Both are full of narcissistic bitches, who get off on logging in every day to see hundreds of messages from retarded men. They don't want to talk to and meet one good guy. It's like any social media, they thrive on the "points" of getting fan mail messages. It's a boost to their self-esteem, to post their most retarded duck faces, and Photoshop cleavage pictures, practically naked, while specifying on their profiles that men should be "respectable, and not make any sexual comments". Mostly every woman on those sites are narcissistic skanks, who show off their porn portfolios, while claiming to want a serious, respectable relationship. But that's okay, because they really don't want that either. They just want the fan mail. If anyone wonders why women, in this era, are dying of loneliness… Just try one of these dating sites. You will see, exactly why vibrators sales are spiking, and more girls are able to enjoy "girls night out"-because they are not able to date men, because their heads are so fucked up, and they're so full of themselves.
    And no matter how much a woman insults you on that site, do not report her to the moderators, because YOU will get deleted – for reporting her. And if you insult her… You also get deleted. Not that most of the men on their do not deserve it, because they do. Most men are predators and criminals on those sites. Like I said, it's dog shit versus horse shit. The time I spent on those sites, has made me start to hate women.
    And it also shows me how the education system has failed females, when you read their profiles. Complete gibberish and text speak. A bunch of random words thrown together to form a profile.
    I take great joy in knowing that all of these losers will die lonely.

  3. Hi, I enjoyed your video. I am making an iOS app for dating called PICTHY. If you do not mind, could you please try Picthy?
    It is a kind of photo chatting app of dating. I hope you like it.

  4. Dating sites are generally terrible for men as women are completely in control in those websites and I think the whole 10 guys to every 1 girl makes otherwise nice women become narcissistic and have an over estimated sense of themselves which makes it harder for them to be realistic about dating and let the good guys in who might be perfect for them. Women seem to enjoy these sites while men hate them, because women generally get all the attention and messages while men generally don't, no matter how good looking they are. I find that OkCupid has a better success rate for men as women are far more likely to message you and respond to you – this fact makes no sense as there is a greater population of people on POF but OKCupid yields the most positive outcomes..

  5. Both these web sites are a waste of time – online dating sucks for men. Avoid these sites like the plague – they're full of nasty, narcissistic women who are mean-spirited, feminist man-haters with no intention of meeting anyone.

  6. ok pof they are looking for long term its harder hookup there unless ur lying on long term okcupid there people know what they really want there thxs for the different lights on okcupid 

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