Operate All Evening Formal Trailer #one (2015) – Liam Neeson Motion Film High definition

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Operate All Evening Formal Trailer #one (2015) – Liam Neeson Motion Film High definition

An getting older hitman is pressured to just take on his brutal previous boss to secure his estranged son and his relatives.

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28 thoughts on “Operate All Evening Formal Trailer #one (2015) – Liam Neeson Motion Film High definition

  1. I went into this moving thinking it was another Taken-esk clone, and to an extent it was but it was different enough to keep me invested. Biggest thing out of this movie was the two main deaths, Maaaaaaan those two deaths hit me hard,

  2. Honestly, sensational acting. Forget hype (or to some people, lack thereof), this movie has a beautiful narrative.

    Neeson as is often the case, is in stellar form. At times, we don't know whether to love or hate his character, such is the complexity of the narrative at hand. I like how the plot reflects real life's complexity, it makes it extremely easy to watch.

    The cinematic style is also visually aesthetic in keeping with the movie's themes.

    I would give this a positive rating. I'd recommend it if you are someone open to watching new types of films, or if you are someone who enjoys gangster-thriller adventures, especially without all the pseudo-macho drivel that has all too often come to define the modern gangster-thriller.

  3. Movie wasn't bad, but wasn't great. I liked the dark Xmas scenery. However, this movie ripped off tom hanks "Road to Perdition" (which is a fav of mine) so bad that I knew everything that was going to happen. My opinion, Road to perdition is original and way way better.

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