Panoramic Suite at the Vdara

Room tour of the Panoramic Suite at the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas. August 2012.

30 thoughts on “Panoramic Suite at the Vdara

  1. Thanks so much for this video, they have only one pic on the site now i definitely know which room I'm getting lol so excited thanks man

  2. why do they make the kitchen right next to the master room bathroom? No one wants the bathroom use smell while eating in the kitchen lol

  3. I was on the fence about this suite or a corner suite. After watching your video I booked the p suite. Great video, I appreciated the silence.

  4. Finally a tour with a decent camera and not someone talking the whole time, pointing out obvious things. I prefer silence and to take in the beauty of the hotel. Gives you a better sense of if you should rent it or not.

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  6. Looks great. The only issue I have with this suite is that it looks like when you sit on the toilet you are looking out the windows. People in Aria can sure get an intimate view of you….

  7. Yes it was 50001. I'm not sure what the hotel will do. You can always request it and see if it's available. Note that to increase you chances, arrive in the early afternoon (like 12-3pm). Most people are checked out by then and the rooms have been cleaned, while not all the newcomers have checked in yet. Whereas early morning or evening the room may be occupied.

  8. Hi CrushingSteve thanks for putting up this video I love this suite, was it definitely room 50001 you where in? I wonder would the hotel let me pick this room when booking amazing view!!! Thanks again

  9. Also, with the Penthouses, the top two floors [54-56] are solely for them. They are a fantastic room, but you're right in saying that this room has a better view. Unless your lucky enough to get a Penthouse at the end of the hall… But even then I don't know what the view is like.

  10. Yeah, the view on this one is certainly stunning. I think one big thing that sets this room out amongst the others is that it's on the 50th floor. All the city view Panoramic Suites will have the same location on the floor, it's just that at 50 floors up, it gives a different perspective in comparison to one on the 20th floor, and if you do the math, it's more likely one would end up with something not as high.

  11. I was in room 50001. Not all panoramic suites are like this, and I would actually take a guess and say most are different. Take a look at the floorplan on the Vdara website. I'm slightly guessing here, but from what I know of the hotel and how the floors are arranged, I would say there are two Panoramic Suites per floor. One on the city view like the one in this video, and one on the dessert side. In short, these rooms vary quite widely.

  12. Mainly the floorplan and where the room is positioned in the hotel. From what I see, the city corner suite is similar to a big square, where the panoramic is a rectangle shape. In the panoramic, three walls are simply windows giving you the 270 degree view as you see in the video. For the corner suite my impressions is that only two of the walls have windows giving you a 180 degree view. Check the floorplans on the Vdara site and you can get a good idea of what I mean…

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