Part 6, Zoosk online dating fraud/okc reviews

Here are my FREE, security ideas, that online dating would never use?

1. Overall security needs to be upgraded, to protect customer’s information? Not doing this first simple step says a lot? It would take away your ability to blame hackers?

2. No one gets deleted. Exceptions will be made in further security. From phone applications there is no longer a log out feature. You can only log in. This will reduce multiple accounts coming from one source. They may still log in from a laptop with their password. A symbol will be in their profile, stating if they are on the mobile application or laptop. Adjustments need to made in some systems to assure this.

3. Blocking features will be improved! When someone gets blocked? They are blocked, meaning that they can no longer view the others profile, for any reason! Security upgrade two will help with this. Deleting accounts allows women to feel stalked, because when the other creates a new account? They are no longer blocked. Facebook can do it? Instagram can do it? I find dating sites inability to block people very strange?

4. Verification methods depend on a sites honesty, but verification methods. Online dating sites will have the same verification as YouTube. A code will be sent by text or phone call. Online dating has more FAKE accounts than anyone? There will also be the option for users to add a 60 second video to their profiles. Plenty of fish had this feature, but it has been removed? Not many people will use it without the proper promotion, but it will be made available for “serious customers”!

5. Messaging. This isn’t really security. Men should be restricted to 3 messages a day, with certain exceptions. This really wouldn’t work until you get rid of all of your fake profiles, and stop manipulating messages?

6. Inactive accounts? Any profile with one picture will be flagged for activity. Online dating sites have SO MANY very old profiles? Including members that are married now, and no longer use the site? (I have that information documented.) Accounts with one picture that have not been active for a month will be deleted. Any other account that has been inactive for a month, will be sent an email informing them that their account will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity. This will improve the sites overall functionality, and dramatically reduce any “so called” glitches, that are organized by your systems? (I have that information documented too!) This will also prevent you from committing FRAUD against your advertising customer’s (This is where the BIG “charges” roll in? Talk to me. I’ve been there. You don’t want to go DOWN, this road?), but not including your porn advertising customer’s? Computers ALWAYS work better when you clean them up!?

7. I would LOVE to share more of my ideas, or elaborate on these, but………

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