Pente board game Review

Noah of World at Play Games reviews Pente, an abstract strategy game from Winning Moves. Pente is essentially a scaled-up version of Tic-Tac-Toe. You and your opponent are both trying to get 5 of your pieces in a row. Unlike Tic-Tac-Toe, you’re able to capture your opponents’ pieces in Pente. Thus Pente is a much more strategic game, while still being very easy to learn and highly approachable for gamers of all ages.

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  1. No this was quite informative. it also seems like a game that would make me angry eventually. ever play chess with someone that starts out the same EVERY time? however, I have this and it makes me want to make it unpredictable. strategy. Hell, even dice involved.

  2. If you want to play Go with a Pente board, several retail stores sell stones as decorative items for vases or aquariums, and rather cheaply at that. Just make sure you get sets that are distinctly different in color and fairly uniform in size.

  3. outstanding but simple game. With 4 people it's a blast. With only two it's kind of predictable but when it gets going it can get very complex. Try it with couples men against the women alternating turns.

  4. No offense, but I can't believe you're comparing Pente to Tic-Tac-Toe, and those are stones and not marbles or beads.  Two person Pente is fun, but when you have four or more, that's a blast especially when it's on a Glass Pente Board or a Wooden Pente Board.  You can also win by making 5 captures, and if playing with three people or more, you can win with mixed captures also.

  5. what other board games you play? i play chess, go, xiangqi, janggi, shogi, draughts and othello. And I think go is more fun to play than the others

  6. Awesome thanks for this upload! My aunt found this game at a tag sale and always picks up interesting games for me. She got it for 1$ which is certainly a good deal 🙂 This is the 1983 Parker Brothers version though, but even the board looks identical exept that it is a solid board. FIgured I'd check it out here before reading the directions.

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