Pet Buddies: Animal Health practitioner Evaluate (Wii)

The Wiiviewer evaluations Pet Buddies: Animal Health practitioner for the Wii.


41 thoughts on “Pet Buddies: Animal Health practitioner Evaluate (Wii)

  1. Can u please review the Paws and Claws Pet Vet for the Wii? I never new it was on the Wii and played the PC version when I was littler a lot! I wanted to get back in to it but my disc is currupt so I found the Wii version and just started playing it:)

  2. horrible review, and game only boring because it a Pet Vet Simulation and not sims pet vet or something. Which is also wrong with review that you not noticing that obviosu fact.

  3. The computer version (or Petz Vet) is probably harder because it does penalize you for getting the diagnosis wrong. 

  4. something that really made me laugh, after you said the main character has a fantastic voice my video just stopped it was really funny although you probaly had to be there :)

  5. Hmm, this looks like this would be a funny game to pretend to be the vet from Royston Vasey. The League of Gentlemen, Wii style.

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