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Pitfall! iOS iPhone iPad Gameplay Review.
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Installed Size – 85.2 MB

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  1. Thanks a lot for replying, actually I don't take any offense in fact I'm very thankful that u pointed out the actually problem which is with every ip4. I just wanted to make sure that it's not just MY ip4.

  2. ive had the same problem. maybe perhaps your 4 is getting old, do not take that in offence pls but its happened to my sister too before she upgraded. so far looking into downgrading which thank God i didnt have to do it has to be jail broken. i didnt look deep into it because i found a better solution which is the solution i gave to you

  3. i have iPhone 4 running ios6.0.1 – I have reset everything with data and setting but not any improvement, I just saw my friend running pitfall on iPhone 5 and it was excellent, smooth as butter, can u pls confirm, is it only my iPhone 4 or all others also have issues.. also is there any tutorial where I can downgrade ios 6.0.1 to earlier versions, may be ios 4.3.5?

  4. hes correct or if you are running ios 6 try to reset everything first because my phone had major slow down issues until i searched it up and now it runs very smooth

  5. I tried everything u said, but not a good improvement, besides lower frame rates I also notice the stutters at certain points, like in starting were harry passing over the bridge, and in relish rush mode where it turns right after a first left turn.

  6. I had no major problems on lower devices – it might just be a memory issue; try removing as many apps from your backgrounding as you can and reboot. Hopefully it's smoother after 🙂

  7. @ AppSpy -In my iPhone 4, this games is not as smooth as in your review, its running fine but frequently stutterers and frames skip. can you pls tell me, is that only my device or any other issue, is this game runs best in iPhone 5?
    also I play temple run on iPhone 4 and that is running very smooth without frame-skips but, why not Pitfall?
    please kindly help me on this issue,

  8. @BL1TZEN What the hell are you talking about? All these runners where inspired by Temple Run!!! Sure it's crap nowadays thanks to all the other awsome runners but you have to remember Temple Run is where it all started.

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  10. I downloaded this app and its working fine.. Love this game.. But i have a prob that the display of this game is bad in my ipod touch 4g.. I can see pixels. Is that normal ? Coz in your video, the display is awesome… R u using iphone 4s ??? Thats the difference ?? Awaiting your reply APPSPY

  11. by far the most polished Free Runner out there. Temple Run is utter shit in comparison – that and the fact it nicked ideas off of PITFALL! to begin with. 'The End', 'Agent Dash' et all ~ are totally poo compared to the slickness of Pitfall! (iPad 3 played on)

  12. Pixel art is a style all of its own, but in some cases it's used because genuine sprites are harder to design; it's easier to keep a consistent aesthetic design in a pixel-art world than one with clear visuals. As for KOF, it's not pixel art – they literally used 3D models, animated them and then made sprite sheets/transition animations.

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