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This Friday, the PlayStation brand enters the “next generation” once more with the PlayStation 4, and the world is significantly different than the last time around
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37 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 review | Engadget

  1. I'm disabled and i take care of my grandson and my granddaughter i would really love to get them each one of the ps4 they just been wanting one for a long time and i just could not afford it it would be really nice to get them one thanks ms.caula percle

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  3. Don't you think this review is a little bit biased? :/ both consoles do best in their own things. I mean every console is differently equal.

  4. In this review you said it has a blue light when it is on. Mine has a white light when it is on and a blue light when it is turning on. Is this a glitch or were you just wrong, or did it change in an update?

  5. User Interface:
    xbox > ps4

    Media interoperability: 
    xbox > ps4

    xbox > ps4

    xbox = ps4

    Most important points for me and easy for me to choose Xbox as my console. Of course I also have my beloved awesome 16gb RAM 3.3GHz PC

  6. Is there only one version of the PS4 console?  I remember with the PS3 there were different hdd sizes.  What about with PS4?
    I am thinking about buying a PS4 and just want to know if there are different specs

  7. Honestly I like both consoles and the exclusives on both consoles. I bought the ps4 now it's time to buy the Xbox. A real gamer shouldn't complain about which is better as long as they enjoy it and have fun. By the way XxMaxProdigyx618 add me!

  8. Worst system ever I had in my life is PS4. Has hardware issue. Disc stucks inside I had that problem and they said send it for new one but they lie they send me the same one I had and didn't even fix it cause I got the same problem back again and send them back again. Takes 2 to 3 weeks WTF

  9. I had both the 360 and Ps3, but honsetly played 360 more and did more online multiplayer on said 360.

    That said, I kinda dropped out of the online gaming part for the past 2 years for various reasons and want to get back to it. I suppose the question I'm really asking is which system should I go with? PC, Xbox One, or PS4? 

    Didn't include the Wii U because I already have that

  10. I have a question.

    I bought a Playstation 4 today but I have not yet connected to PS Network. I used PSN on my PS3 and had many friends that I talked to. I want to connect my PS4's Online to my old PSN account so I can talk to my old PSN friends and download Online Patches. However, I don't really plan on playing Multiplayer with other people at the moment.

    Question: Do I need to pay fees if I merely wish to be connected to PSN, talk to my friends and download online patches? I won't play Mulitplayer or nothin' just yet

  11. Hardware
    Ps4 > xbox one

    Ps4 > xbox one

    Number of exclusives
    PlayStation > Microsoft

    Ps plus > xbox gold

    Ps4 > xbox one

    First party studios
    PlayStation > Microsoft


    Ps eye < kinect

    Ps eye $50 > Kinect $150

    Project morpheus VR headset > NONE

    Ps move > NONE

    Ps4 = xbox one


    No reason to get an xbox one.


  12. Guys is there any real reason why I should wait for 2nd gen? I've heard all the talk about launch consoles running into all sort of problems soon after they are released but my ps3 is dying and i really don't want to wait for the ps4 slim.

  13. tbh yeah, the dashboard aint great but so what? really people who point it and over react are xbox fan boys. Sorry its true, you just try to find the littlest thing and try and make it a massive reason not to get it? I dont like it and to be faier the xbox one is shit aswell, they have used the same os as windows 8 and looks virtually the same like they havent even bothered. The xbox one has a better dashboard for apearance most definately. End of the day u play games on it, not staring at the dashboard all day so they ps4 is bearable therefore it makes no changes to the overal review

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