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Watch our Pontiac G8 review with this video from Consumer Reports and get more car info on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm The G8 GT combines potent V8 power with responsive handling that belies its large size. But you’ll pay for that power at the pump.

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33 thoughts on “Pontiac G8 Review | Consumer Reports

  1. Great review, you knock the interior but I challenge you to find a car like this for the price, and yes I own one

  2. If u ant got a g8 shut up / if u do there beast right if u are thinking about getting one get it. I got one the are beast totally stock does burnouts beats a camaro a mustang and of course an import

  3. Why did pontiac have to introduce this car at the end of their termination? this car would have been huge for the american market, and if there was an AWD variant…OMG. Now its either Gm brings it back through ford or chevy, OR Vauxhal makes a move to MUUURIIICAAAA.

  4. They should have gotten rid of their saab brand completely instead of selling it and they should have keep pontiac!

  5. Why get into a 360 hp car and bitch about the gas mileage? 2 things that are pisspoor about the g8 are the low center armrest and the orange dash and center stack displays (especially the battery & oil gage on the center stack…butt ugly). Brakes are a bit soft but the car is outstanding, piss your pants exciting in all other aspects.

  6. @whtswrngwthupeople – People weren't buying them b/c GM fucked up the brand — THAT was GM's mistake. They diluted the "excitement" brand with crap like minivans and rebadged Daewoo compacts that you could find on any Chevy lot. And then they made the Chevy lot more attractive to performance buyers by bringing back the Camaro but no Firebird, by making a high-performance Cobalt but no hi-po G5. Then they finally start getting it right with the G8 and Solstice just in time to ax the whole brand.

  7. Watching this vid. kinda makes my heart break. Last week I totaled my 2007 Pontiac G6 GT. Stupid old woman drove her 98 BMW through the intersection when it was red! But anyway… I've driven Pontiacs for almost the past 10 years and it's saved my life/kept me safe twice. They looked good and drove great. I don't think I've ever been more comfortable in driving a car than in a Pontiac. GM… You've made a grave mistake cutting a great make of car. Hope to see you again Pontiac

  8. personally i'm a fan of the window controls in the center, primarily because if you're using the manual mode on the shifter, or if you're lucky enough to have a stick shift G8, you won't have to switch hands on the wheel if you want to roll up a window. just my 2 cents

  9. Like the few great GM cars that have been made they promptly cancel it once it's brought to market. I really wish that company would go bankrupt already. They deserve nothing more.

  10. Best car I've ever owned also. And I've had plenty of nice (mostly European) cars in my 47 years. They say trees bear the best fruit the year before they die. This is certainly true for Pontiac.

  11. but the L76 engine was never in a corvette. So it technically doesnt have a corvette engine. Plus that L76 is made in Mexico, which could be somewhat scary, then again..probably no worse then made in america stuff.

  12. CONSUMER REPORTS!!! they do tell u da truth bout every car.. i got an account there.. its da best n it gave me an idea for ma new car..

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