Predestination – Film Critique

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Chris Stuckmann assessments Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor. Directed by Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig.

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  1. This film was fucking ridiculous. Was it memorable? Yes. It was fucking ridiculous. Stupid twists but an intriguing film nevertheless as Chris said.

  2. I tried to watch this movie and I HATED it! I thought it was going to be a fun time-travel flick about a man trying to stop a bomber. But for some inexplicable reason, the first forty-five minutes of this movie were listening to this poor transexual's life story that has nothing to do with stopping a bomber. I was so goddamn bored that I gave up on this film. Final grade: F!

  3. i fuckin love this actor , and daybreakers was amazing, i loved it so much , all the idea the director /writer had on how to adapt our modern world but for 99% of vampires ppl , tons of great ideas..

  4. For me the best concept in this entire movie is that the main character is an entity utterly disconnected from human history. A character that is simultaneously the mother, the father and the child…so the mother/father/child has ZERO connections to the rest of humanity in terms of heritage, heredity or evolution…besides simply being human. She/he is a self-contained life cycle that encompasses the beginning and end of a self-contained species separated only by the passage of time. Mind = Blown.

  5. Read this if u were confused
    Spoiler alert: This movie is about the life cycle of a single person(Plz note that by 'cycle', I mean something that goes on and on or repeats) That's basically it
    Read below to understand the sequence assuming that where the conversation starts is the present.
    1)The movie starts with the present day. They(the same person but from different time) have a conversation. One of them shares the story of his extra ordinary past to the other(who already knows it because he's the same person plus has also gone through the time when he shared the same story). But ofcourse, the one sharing his story right now doesnt know that he's sharing it to his future self.

    2) Then, the future guy takes the present guy with him to the past(first time present guy realizes that the other can time travel) and reveals the hidden portions of the scene that the present guy did not know about his past(the same story which present guy had shared with the other guy mentioned on 1 above). These hidden portions of the story changes the mindset of the present guy completely.

    3) The present guy is mad at the time traveller guy(who is his future self but doesnt know it yet) that he tricked him and all the hardships the present guy had to suffer in his life was because of him. But soon, the future guy tells the present guy that they are same person.

    Nobody's reading this. sorry. I quit.

  6. I watched the trailer knew it was a time travel movie and believe it or not, I figured it out that they were all the same guy. the only problem I had is that she had two full sets of genitals and became a fully fertile man

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