Preserving Xmas Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Kirk Cameron Movie Hd

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Preserving Xmas Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Kirk Cameron Movie Hd

This Xmas, have your household be part of with Kirk Cameron’s household and dive headfirst into all the dancing, celebration, feasting, creativity, and traditions that glorify the legitimate “reason for the period.” KIRK CAMERON’S Preserving Xmas is an engaging tale that will go away the audience with an knowledge of a biblical basis for our celebrations, and the inspiration to stand strongly towards a culture that would like to trivialize and remove the religion things of this holy period. So take in the splendor take in the majesty take in the tale. Take it all in … and let us place Christ again in Xmas! KIRK CAMERON’S Preserving Xmas is in theaters for a minimal engagement starting November 14.

40 thoughts on “Preserving Xmas Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Kirk Cameron Movie Hd

  1. What the hell is even going on here? Kirk's complaining about how (those gosh darn liberals are stealing christmas from Jesus) and when he meets a guy who thinks commercialized christmas is even worse than he than pc christmas he just tells him "nope its still jesus". Who is he saving christmas from? People who are even more religious than himself?

  2. I'm a christian and this made Me sad xD This is just some overly fucking loud asshole trying to push religion in peoples faces which guess what fuck that and fuck you

  3. Wow…. (clap…clap….clap….), I don't know how Kirk Cameron did it, but he was able to crucify Jesus, as well as Christianity, in the hands, feet, and a special stigmata to everyone's nads who came across to just the trailers alone. Holy FUCK, this movie is more of a cinematic train wreck than The Room, but at least with The Room it didn't metaphorically beat the shit out of you with a bible. It just says to me that "ALL RELIGIONS ARE DEAD!". Can this movie be more of an insult? I rather on fucking bath salts, eating my own face while aging backwards than watch this again. most religions still have not yet learned that ONE FUCKING WORD yet, and it's really pissing me off. I feel if anyone watches it, they're going to hell. Cameron should've just concentrated of going to Growing Pains reunions. IF this somehow replaces A Christmas Story on TBS, I swear to god, Stu….

  4. So if someone crashes into your tree it's the work of the "holy spirit" and the whole crowd at your house will happily agree. Nothing weird there.

  5. some years ago I got out of my religion, and then I started to learn more about atheism, and how its a lack of believe and I certainly can stand for that. I'm not going back to my religion, because it's nonsense, but really, hijacking some christian movie trailer just to feel superior shows that idiots will be idiots religion or not. This is the kind of stuff that gives atheism a bad name, and I'm so against it. Christians want a christian movie, what is the big deal? let them have it and don't go see it imbeciles. not really my kind of movie, but keep it up guys, it's good that you have people committed to making specific enterteinment for you.

  6. Religious movies can be phenomenonal. Like The Holy Mountain , The Seventh Seal Andrei Rublev , and Persepolis. Not this garbage.

  7. This movie is Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist propaganda! But, it's hilarious how insane some of the things that come out of Kirk Cameron's mouth in this abomination sound.

  8. I'm a Christian but I'm also into film and this movie looks like utter crap. Bad acting, over the top actors, the lighting looks bad, and the cinematography and focus is off. I love Christmas but this trailer alone already tells me this is bad. Want to see a fun Christmas movie? Watch Home Alone or Charlie Brown.

  9. I love how he featured an entire scene about how many Christmas traditions are actually ripped off from Pagans, and still ended it with, "naaaah!"

    also, that token black guy was SO cringeworthy.

  10. This film made me want to die Christmas is fine it's just Christian propaganda and its wrong u are hijacking children's fun in Christmas and ruining it with Jesus news flash none gives a shit

  11. Not only is this movie of extremely poor quality in terms of film making, but it is also spreading false information. The origins of Christmas are pagan. It was meant as a celebration of the winter solstice. Many many years ago it was adopted by Christians and celebrated together by all people, non-Christians and Christians alike. That's why there's the Christmas tree and gifts and Santa Clause. These are all of pagan origin. It is not and never was Christian holiday, thus it can't be saved or taken back, as it was stolen by Christians in the first place. In other words, this movie is horseshit.

  12. It looks like not even the actors want to be in this movie. Or they just suck hairy balls at acting.

  13. What an incredible piece of shit. I didn't think movies could be this bad. I didn't know Kirk Cameron was quite this dumb. I knew he was an asshole, just not so fucking idiotic. I'm surprised he didn't find parts of the bible that tell the stories of Rudolph, the Grinch, Scrooge and the Polar Express. Of course, those are stories promoting generosity, not greed. So KC probably thinks of them as evil.

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