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Yeah, I was silly to feel this sport experienced any hope…but it just seemed like it experienced so a lot opportunity. This sport totally experienced me fooled, I truly imagined it could be enjoyable. Kinect Disneyland Adventures died a awful dying, when it could have lived a excellent lifestyle if it were being merely launched as an arcade title for XBLA.

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  1. For people to experience Disney in their own home for free no costs no security checking, just putting in the disc and pressing play can take you to the happiest place on earth, Disney! If you look in the book inside the disc case the intro tells you all the fun things you can do in the game and some

  2. I like this game because it's fun! There's a lot to do like quests for the Disney Characters, taking pictures, getting autographs, dressing up, using your inventory like the Magic Wand, going on adventures in the portals like The Princess Faire where you can dance with either 5 of the princesses and get points and coins to buy stuff from the shops! I've only been to Disney once, and I think this is a great game

  3. when people have to have something to make fun of, or to be jealous of they taught, and pick at. It's one of the things I hate most about human beings. Seems like the further advanced we become, the more petty and trivial people get.

  4. These controls are easy and fine! I have no trouble with it! It is worth it! You are a terrible reviewer and not a true Disneyland fan! I live hours away from there and I have probbaly been there more than you haha this game ocks not made for dumb blondes like her I guess

  5. What's funny is that alot of ppl diss the kinect (I'm a fan…of the right games..), but if u ever play "Rise of Nightmares",or "BlackWater", the kinect will get u addicted sooo quickly..man..even kinect sports season 1 and 2 is some of the funnest shit u will ever play….and the online makes it even better…so…for ppl who diss kinect, do research on ur game first (like controls, response, etc..), and u will find there are a bunch of killer titlesout, and coming out…hello…RYSE any one??

  6. here's a real review since you all came here-
    voice acting-10
    unlcokables-10(alot! gives yu alot to do,well worth the money)
    you can spend over 100 hours of gameplay,what game does that anymore?
    All in all this game is definitly worth the money,if you been to disney or not 10/10


  8. @redique ditto im a hugefan too and this game looks great im saving money for it and im eagerly waiting to get this because it looks so amazing and fun. i dont like being mean or anything but im totally gonna blow my 50 bucks on this i dont care what she says! disney rox!!!!

  9. HEY I THOUGHT I WAS THE BIGGEST DISNEY THEME PARK FAN but really I can assure u I am probably more because I was warned over and over online about the controls for well any kinect game but I still waster my money to buy this for my friend so I can play it now and than I found this amazing and I had no reason to stop playing really I found this game amazing and one of the best 360 games for me.

  10. @EpicTaco9901 If you love disney no matter what and dont really care if ur arm gets sore the next day after playing the game for a while and dont really care that its for kinect and some bad controls thats not the games fault but the bad controller GO FOR IT I personally loved every minute really before I got it with all the videos of it I thought I would get bored of it after a few hours but no I have played for over 2 weeks without getting bored and I think its none of the best xbox games.

  11. Sounds like one those holier than thou Disney Fanboy/Fangirls. Your not gonna recommend the game cause of the controls? I understand, the walking is my one gripe, but I enjoy the game for the actual mini games. It's one of the BETTER non shovelware games out there. Your biased as you say at the start "I hate the kinect" and btw from what I've seen Disney fanboy/girls don't "like something even if it sucks" they will rage on ANYTHING they don't like. Please get off the high horse.

  12. Also… if there are any issues with getting autographs or hugs… all you have to do is say "Autograph". Or 'Hug". It is amazing. So easy to control. Sure I find my self bumping into things and having tiny issues navigating around stuff sometimes… but those are minor issues. And I love standing and playing this game. Perfection. If it was just a controller game .. I would have passed. It would have been boring.

  13. I have to comment. This review was way off. I am a grown man and have children ages 10, 6 and 5. All of us love this game. I play it … my kids play it… and we have a blast. My kids have no problems with the controls and I have no problems with the controls. This is the coolest Kinect Game yet. Love being able to walk around Disneyland and ride cool rides with my kids. So much fun.

  14. I've actually heard the opposite with another review…..they said the controls were dead on. I guess I will just have to try for myself and decide. Looks like a cute game though!

  15. So its not Disney's fault, its the Kinect's fault? Cool. To me, the Kinect is kind of garbage, not a lot of fun things on it.

  16. game review by a blonde: go on about some hidden mickeys for half the video, just to make the point that the game is heavily detailed . mention the bad controls, also mention the bad controls, bitch some more about controls, and also : don't forget about the bad controls.
    pros: – packed with details ( hello ? hidden mickeys).
    – obviously : the bad controls
    overall : 0.0
    if you bought it, you're an idiot. And so is IGN , Game Informer , Gametrailers, Gamespot and Co-Optimus or…

  17. Raychul i don't know why if this game sucks so bad it got a 8.5 outta 10 from IGN apparently they dont know DisneyLand

  18. Agree everything she is right I bought the game and took it back after two days. When you go to a ride all you do is tilt your body left and right that's it there's not even not that mutch rides it's more of the main popular ones so basically all you do is walk around the park and take pic with characters and ride a few rides and your done with the game

  19. Lazy. Ditzy. Blonde,
    Who is this nutjob?

    This Paris Hilton wanna be needs to be taken out to the field and shit.
    Put her out of her misery…and ours!

  20. I personally have no problem with the controlls. Although as for me I don't blame the controlls on the game, but the Kinect itself. Devs who make these motion control games still cant get the controlling spot on yet. I'm enjoying it because the controlls for me are okay, but in all I think any kinect game will have this problem, not just Disneyland Adventures. I freakin love this game. Big Disneyland and Park fan here. My MiceChat is "White Bones".

  21. Amazon reviews look pretty positive for this one. Reviews seem very detailed too. Don't look like bogus positives to me.

  22. Cute picture at the end, and yeah forcing Kinect/Move etc. onto any game's interface is never a good idea. I guess they were going for the whole novelty factor but failed.

  23. I hope your wrong about the game… I've been looking forward to it for two months… Im getting it for Christmas!!!

  24. 😀 I think you´r Kinect set up is bad, because my game works great and I´m really tall and my brother is like 120 cm

  25. @RaychulMoore Hey, just in case you don't know, I can only hear the video out of one headphone/speaker. Specifically the left one. Just tellin' ya, love your vids <3

  26. @MrHeatherway even tho apple would overprice stuff i would choose apple cuz they put quality into their stuff

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