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Reckless Getaway Android App Details
Title: Reckless Getaway
Price: $2.99
Size: 2.7 MB
Category: Racing
Developer: Polarbit
Store: Android Market

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Developers Description

Escape with your hard-earned loot and the cops hot at your heels!
Who’d a thought robbing the bank would be the easy part?
Now comes the real challenge – to escape with your hard-earned loot and the fuzz hot at your heels!

Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; dodge, outrun or ram pursuing police cars and just generally crash, smash and thrash your way through 16 varied levels.
Let’s face it: beating someone across the finishing line is a lot of fun, but not nearly as much fun as tackling them into oncoming traffic to watch chaos ensue
The Developers behind Reckless Racing now brings you Reckless Getaway!

– 16 eye-popping, visually amazing Tracks
– Simple and effective controls
– Unlock new tracks by earning your rates
– Global leaderboards, show you’re better than the rest
– Astonishing physics brings chaos to another level
… and stay Tuned for:
– New unlock-able Chapters
– New unlock-able Game modes
And a bunch of features we keep working on …
Optimized for Xperia Play

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