Regular Car Reviews: 1994 Eagle Talon Tsi

This is a captured import and the bloodbag that kept Chrysler’s sports car’s division conscious though the early 90’s rebuilding years. Goat. All this is is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, front wheel drive turbo, with a BADGE OF FREEDOM

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45 thoughts on “Regular Car Reviews: 1994 Eagle Talon Tsi

  1. i've just found a 91 eclipse 2l 16v in the classified IN FUCKING FRANCE! my wallet is twitching so hard!

  2. I owned a 1GB…that I got for $130 because it needed a ton of work…never did get it on the road and only got my money back out of it due to time constraints, but it's still one of my favourite cars ever. Love the spaceship-ish interior, the gaudy body panels…stupid wing…all of it. Mine wasn't turbo, or AWD either…I was going to build it all-motor before I had to get rid of it…was hoping for redline north of 9500 rpm on an all-motor 4G63 (not right engine code for non-turbo, but essentially same exact engine).

  3. Expansion joints hid the dash screws. My Diamond Star Coupe (Laser flavor) was great until it started imitating a mosquito truck. RIP Slick.

  4. I swear god my wife's gonna kick my ass… I watch RCR at night and I keep laughing like a jackass waking up the baby hahahahah!! You rock brother!

  5. I don't think that's a "stock" aux jack on the radio. It was probably put in afterwards by someone else. You can buy rebuilt/restored factory radios on the internet with aux jacks hardwired in. I bought one on ebay for my Grand Prix

  6. i had a 1994 Eagle Talon and it was the biggest hunk of crap ever i sold it as soon as i could

  7. there is something viceral about early dsm's and early 4g63s. momey pit? breaks down? crank walk? YES, but thats any car that is an everday car. i owned 4/5 versions 91-94 rwd & awd. They still hold a special place in my heart

  8. DSM's are/were easy to make fast. The 6 bolt 4g63t engine in the early 1g's was especially good and capable of running 450-500hp on stock internals. Hard to find a nice example these days though.

  9. Check my awesome Dsm guys I'm building this car with Dsm wise men that I know if you guys want to know what going on with my car check out my vids

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