Resident Evil Low Score?

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The Resident Evil series is a huge horror based series, but in the last addition of Resident Evil, number six, Capcom decided to go for a first-person shooter type of game. Was that the right choice? Let’s Find Out.

First of all, I must say that the mere fact that Capcom tried to move from a horror game to an action-oriented game is very interesting and brave. As the game truly had a great deal of followers who waited for it for a long time, changing the original game style, might leave many players disappointed.

The fast-pace players who love shooters, and enjoy games like Call of Duty 3, will not move so quickly to a game such as Resident Evil, even if they claim to change style. On the other hand, you got the hardcore horror gamers which love the spooky environment and the sluggish controls, are now forced to play in a fast-paced environment, something that they did not expect from this game.

The game itself is fun, but, it has many problems, Capcom went a little over-board with the actions the player needs to take in every single short scene inside the game.

Lots of cutscenes happen while your inside the game, completely stopping the flow of the game and story, instead, giving the idea that you’re watching a James Bond movie with some interaction.

Unfortunately when moving from horror based game to an action based game, the controls are a big issue, no one wants to aim and shoot with non-functional controls, even more when there are so many great other shooting games out there. The move Capcom made, to change the game’s genre, failed. So, we got left with a clunky third person shooter.

Who might still enjoy the game? Well, if you’re a hardcore fan of the series, you might not enjoy the game as you expected, but, it is always nice to go further into the story and enjoy the new plot. at least this way you can be ready for the next Resident Evil.

On the other hand, Leon’s campaign is the one that will usually please most of the Resident Evil series fans, as it’s the closest to the old style of the game.

The game does have some good points, like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the infected killing is still fun as hell, and you also got a few new moves like stabbing infected heads and crushing them on the side of a truck or a bus. Both are equally fun and joyful for the gamers who like to get all close and personal.

As I mentioned before, if you enjoy the zombie killing you can enjoy it even more thanks for the "Mercenaries" mode that is coming back with Resident Evil 6, until the clock strikes zero you can kill those infected to all of your heart’s content.

The game mechanics are pretty much out of place, the game moved to a fast-paced shooter style, though the mechanics stayed the same. It means, that if you fall down you got a lot of time until you get up, waiting for the animation to finish, a thing that works well when your building tension and fear in a player, but not when you’re trying to give him the feeling of a fast-pace action game.

The game itself got lower scores on almost every gaming forum and its scored 4.5 out of 10, this stands for poor on Game spot, and they claimed the game design bad.

Many old fan series say that the game is now ruined as they loved the way it was and there was no reason changing it, the new gamers aren’t really happy spending the money for what they consider an half broken game. The thing that will be the most interesting is to see what will be Capcom’s next move. will there be another try to change the gamestyle? Or, will it be back to the origins? I guess we will find out on Resident Evil 7.

By Johny Silbert