Retail Arbitrage at Huge Box Merchants: Book Revenue (to ebay and Amazon)

Book gross sales can be a important way to obtain e book inventory. These gross sales can be uncovered at regional libraries, church buildings, clubs, and so on.

Appear with me these days as we go check out a library sale that was held at a church. Main score!!!

15 thoughts on “Retail Arbitrage at Huge Box Merchants: Book Revenue (to ebay and Amazon)

  1. Just watched both of your videos on books and posted 2 ads and immediately got a response so thank you! My questions are do text books do well on ebay? What app/tool should I use to research them. Finally, not wanting to offend these people so how do you decide the price you will pay an individual for their used textbooks?

  2. Do you plan to FABA ALL these books, or will/did you go through and cherry pick and re-donate the rest? 

  3. My kinda buisness move, that was a Nice opportunity that you obviously MAXIMIZED on. I bet you have a lot of storage space? Anything new this Sunday? Your chauffeur should maybe get 10-25% of your haul? Takes some of the load off you and an opp for him to earn his keep. Maybe I shouldn't have said that? Keeps him motivated to help mom maybe, I hope he doesn't need motivation to help mom but whatever works! 🙂 thanks for another insightful video.

  4. Hello EntrepreneurGirl, I have a question, what will you do about the books that aren't a high seller? I'm new to this and have some extra books that aren't worth much, what are some tips to sell books on Amazon or Ebay  that aren't worth much? Thanks in advance for your response.

  5. Cool video,good to see you up and about, would be good to see how you list all those books, must be over 1000, will it take weeks, or just do some at a time:) 

  6. What a great score you made at the book sale. Congratulations! Thank you so much for your videos. I hope you're feeling better now and will heal quickly. Have very Happy Holidays!

  7. Personal Note: I watch your videos because……. your are smart, articulate and real easy on the eye. However……. what I really like about you is the fact that I always learn something, some time its a lot , some time its just a little tidbit of real good usable information. I'm sure one day I'll see you on Shark Tank……as a Shark.   

  8. WOW!!!! you SCORED on the books!!!!! at 50 cents each, I would have bought them all! Nice to have a chauffeur…. all those books for $50… and that $50 also paid for "Goodwill" Way to go Tracy!!!… and Kagen (Hope I spelled that right!

  9. Hi! I have been watching your channel for a while. Also I'm glad to see that your doing better. Great find on those books!! My family and I have been selling on Ebay for almost 2 years and are about to start on Amazon FBA  this week. Your video's have helped me out and motivated me to start a new chapter with Amazon. Wish us luck. :)

  10. That's a huge haul you got there, congrats!   I'm curious, how do you find out about these book sales?    Checking Craigslist?  Word of mouth?    

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