Review: Escape From Tomorrow (2013) – Disney Parks Sundance Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Review: Escape From Tomorrow (2013) - Disney Parks Sundance Movie HD

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36 thoughts on “Review: Escape From Tomorrow (2013) – Disney Parks Sundance Movie HD

  1. The film alone explains that no one should go to Disney World. That’s why
    there’s Six Flags. Just because it’s not as old as Disney World doesn’t
    mean it’s bad. Six Flags is known as the “world’s largest theme park”. If
    that’s true, it’s bigger than Disney World.

  2. Thanks for these reviews except you guys echo a lot when you talk

  3. Review sounds like you’re in a cave, but it was good 

  4. holy shit stop filming in a warehouse that echo is bad

  5. i thought it was a great and terrible movie at the same time. the more i
    think about it, the more i like it. like there were parts that were
    obviously green screen, but it was so hard to be upset about it because i
    felt like it actually gave the movie a little more of a unique feel. again
    it was sort of like i loved how bad it was even though it wasn’t that bad.
    yes, thats a little confusing but thats exactly how i feel about it.

  6. On xscape to tomorrow’s website they have a timer on it counting down until
    they’re getting sued

  7. I love the look of this film! You guys though need to put a rug down
    because the acoustics are quite painful on this video! Good review though!

  8. Jennifer Lawrence was funny in the movie but I don’t think its award worthy
    she was honestly just okay.

  9. “There was something about her character…” Do you mean the cleavage? I
    also had an issue with her accent there was just something off about it. I
    loved the movie and all the movies listed.

  10. I’m 14 and watched this 4 days ago. Confused is an understatement lol. I
    got most of it and looked up the plot online which explained it a bit more
    though. I thought Jennifer Laurence’s character was really funny,
    especially the bit with the microwave or ‘science oven’ and where she’s
    cleaning and mouthing the song

  11. David always has the greatest cast and characters. 

  12. I liked the movie. I just thought it took too long to get going but other
    than that, it was a good movie

  13. Your review is awesome but you should really change your shooting set
    design and work out a more subtle lighting..!

  14. great movie, I loved the cast but I just found it a bit confusing but still
    it was really good

  15. I feel it dragged for me. It was ok, not amazing, not the worst.

  16. Awesome movie and Jennifer Lawrence was my favorite actor in the movie 

  17. Am I the only one in the audience that didn’t think it was overrated! I’m
    not gonna compare it to Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction or any of the pulp
    classics and crime movies which a lot of people compared it to, but in a
    year of movies that tried hard to make a landmark movie, too hard in many
    cases (Save Gravity and 12 Years a Slave), I think I’d put this movie third
    of the year, award season contender for sure,

  18. Save your money it’s not as good as it’s made out to be , certainly not
    worth all the hype

  19. Great movie I decide to leave a comment and I never leave f****** comments
    so I’m happy

  20. I loved it 8.5/10 for me, the first hour let it down 

  21. Lawrence totally steals this movie! She is hysterical. Overall, it’s very
    entertaining and one of the best I’ve seen this year. I liked it much more
    than ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, which was still good and had it’s moments but
    was overlong and repetitive.

  22. j law really hammed it up in this one, along with brad, they brought that
    silver linings playbook energy with them, which is great but it contrasts
    strangely when the rest of the cast aren’t even close to their panache. its
    marketed as a comedy, but not a single person in my packed theater laughed
    during the film, and i personally don’t think its meant to laugh out loud
    funny anyway.

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