RIDE (PS4) – Ofiicial Review [HD]



39 thoughts on “RIDE (PS4) – Ofiicial Review [HD]

  1. This is one of the worst reviews I've ever seen. stupid popup clip art, annoying voice, know nothing about motorcycles and you came to your conclusion based purely on your lack of skill.

  2. you crashed because you was off line pretty much every where went on the gravel probably shut off the throttle which threw you into a high side pretty realistic in my opinion judging by most of your comments in the video i take it you have never ridden a sports bike or understand how one should behave, before you review a game officially as you put it maybe you should learn how to play it and what a racing line is, oh and turn the guide line off ya tart

  3. Holy shit, how do people think this is serious? Come on guys…this is funny as hell 😀

  4. man you're horrible at reviews. That Ride game is the best motorcycle game in a while. Juding by the video, you clearly don't even know how to play the game. Retire from doing reviews man. I watched this trash thinking you knew about the game from play through experience.

  5. I'm sorry but your shouldn't review a game you are not good at. Just cause you suck at the game doesn't mean the game sucks., just means you suck.

  6. lol. You're so bad at this review thing. Maybe buy a real motorcycle first. Get mad now! 🙂

  7. Worst review of all time, only because you know nothing about handling a real motorcycle versus a video game motorcycle. Learn to ride a real motorcycle then play the game. I'm sure you'll appreciate it much more. You'll know not to go WOT in the dirt when approaching a barrier….

  8. I like your sense of humor, but I think a lot of people wont know that you're being sarcastic XD

  9. Lol this vid is funny as fuck ! Lol I can imagine giving u Suzuki gsxr in real life ( u would probly crash in a fucking straight line )

  10. I know it has been said but if you understood how to turn on a motorcycle and that you go from the outside in on corners I'd think you'd have a much more enjoyable time. I've own 3 biked all sport and let me tell you there's nothing like it.

  11. Dude… The first thing that i realized was wrong with your review, is that its not professional because you kept cursing .
    You kept crashing on the turns because you kept going off the asphalt and onto the gravel – which isn't meant for Supersport motorcycles, as you see, the AI, crashed when it went there also… 
    You pre-recorded an awful gameplay and then you added your awful commentary. Reviewing isn't your thing, 

    Am i wrong?

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