RLP’s Random Reviews – DTS, PS3, and Custom Soundtracks

Thought I’d post this vid. Many might’ve experienced it if they played their games in DTS 5.1 with Custom Soundtracks (MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, which is shown, is a good example), a form of clipping which could damage the speakers possibly. It only happens when playing CSTs using the In-Game XMB, and not through the game itself (like Sports Champions, which also has DTS). I’d figure Sony could fix this issue, but I doubt it. The ONLY thing I can do for that wish is pray.

How my stuff is set up:
PS3 120GB with FW 3.55
Using Optical cable on a JVC RX-7010V 5.1 Sound system

BTW sorry for the long wait. Haven’t had the spare time to stop and upload this video.