Roma board game video review

A review of the 2-player game Roma.

13 thoughts on “Roma board game video review

  1. At Yokster man. Share the love. What are these great 2 player games. I may want to buy them. It is just the wife and I. I'll send you a pm. I do want to expand my 2 player game collection. Which ones do you like?

  2. We love, love, love Roma but we are madly in love with Arena: Roma II. Here is why. In Arena: Roma II longer games that are more back in forth are possible because the cards are more balanced. For example the Equitatas is a nice counter to the power of the Forum cards etc… I have gotten more fun out of Arena: Roma II than any of my other games including games such as Battle Line, and Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries. Roma is nice to have. Arena Roma II is a must have for 2-player. Fantastic!

  3. @BryanAJParry I've only gotten in two plays of Roma II and found it alright, and think it could get much better with more play. I have too many great 2-player games though, so it faces some very stiff competition.

  4. Great video. One thing I saw that I could mention, that really doesn't matter at all is on the rating screen you have a numerical value for the components, but then use a low-high scale for the rest of the merits of the game. No big deal, just a break in scaling.

  5. Nice review! Might very well buy this game if I see it in stores here in Sweden. If it's not too expensive that is.

  6. Great to see another of your reviews Tim, it was very well done as always. I was surprised that you didn't mention that the game is set during the Roman Civil War between Caesar and Pompey.

    Have you tried Roma II: Arena?

  7. That looks like a fun game. Also being it for just two players has its pros, since our gaming group free times difer, its hard fro us to group more than 3/4 people. We always en wonder how would it be to play certian games with their max amount of players.

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