Samsung GALAXY A5 (2016) Unboxing & Palms On Critique! Well worth the Price?

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The all new Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 is a better mid-range Android SmartPhone with truly great seems and developed but contemplating the rate tag of Rs 29000 / $440, the specs are not fascinating. The rate will definitely go down within just the subsequent 3-5 months and at around 22K-23K, the Galaxy A5 2016 seems like a decent phone to acquire!

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48 thoughts on “Samsung GALAXY A5 (2016) Unboxing & Palms On Critique! Well worth the Price?

  1. The only reason to get this over a used S6 is the battery life which is very good indeed, (see the GSM Battery tests)

  2. On, it's mentioned that micro sd card has a dedicated slot as well as it can be put in sim slot 2? Does this mean that we can put 2 micro sd cards in this device? One in the dedicated slot and another in sim slot 2???

  3. Hi bro Please make a comparison Video of Galaxy A5 and Galaxy J5 (Specification & performance & Hardware) Thankyou

  4. In Denmark you can get the cheapest A5 2016 for around 2.200 Danish kroner, thats about 22.500 Indian rupees… So I don't complain

  5. hey Mr portal wats up with them not putting a notification led on their phones it REALLY GETTING ANNOYING. Is their any way that they can start to place it

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