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Samsung Galaxy Notice 3 critique. What are the marquee functions this time all over? Very well, you can find the common bevy of specification advancements (a display, quad-main Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM), Android four.3, some new S Pen functions and the tiny matter of the Gear, that optional, polarizing companion view. Read through on at Engadget:

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27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Notice 3 critique | Engadget

  1. Genuinely poor review… Engadget has been sliding downwards for a while now tbh and this is enough for me to say bye bye. Dreadful.

  2. What the hell Engadget!! Bias shit. Note 3 rocks! Definitely one of the top androids. Best phone I've ever owned. NOOB reviewer. Thumbs down!

  3. Not even 5mins is enough to review a feature rich device, and you call this review?! Wtf

  4. Why do anybody need 10 or 15mins on youtube to tell you assholes its a great phone just go buy the damn thing. Thanks engadget for not wasting more time overstating the obvious

  5. Bought this on friday and I absolutely love it. Migrating from a very restrictive iPhone, this has lot of useful features and the screen is stunning!!

  6. Hey Kyle, you're right, this review was far from being one of our best. We had some technical complications on the backend leading up to it – but rest assured that we're learning from feedback like yours and we have some great videos coming up. Stick around!

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