Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours, launch day and specs news

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours, launch day and specs news. We rundown all the most up-to-date on Samsung’s following flagship Android smartphone.
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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours, launch day and specs news

  1. The bigger the screen the better but no more than 5.2.2 I hate huge phones I think the s4 screen & size is just What it needed but bumping it up to 5.2.2 with a curve sounds like a good plan. The specs sound just right withe all the s4 features & more. I really think they should put a pen inside the phone like the note 3 I think That would set it aside from the s3 & s4 if they don't it's just gonna b another clone not far off from the s4. I've owned the s3 for to long I can't wait for the release DATE, if'it's in March that's when my up date is do & my s3 has been a very reliable phone I can't wait to upgrade to all the new Features. I love this line of phone GO SAMSUNG!!!!!!! 

  2. Samsung S5 will have Oled 2k screen 560 ppi 3GB ram its not 4gb ram, 2.4 ghz 805 snapdragen 64 bit, eye scanning, dust water proof, better build quality then before, wireless charging, better camera thats what I heard.

  3. they will make this phone out of aluminium 
    it will have a 2K display : 2560 × 1440 : 560ppi but it will not be amoled anymore
    a snapdragon 805 : quadcore 2.5 Ghz (64 bit cpu this means that the cpu can use faster ram and more then 4Gb's of ram most likely to be ddr3 ram.
    a adreno 400 GPU which is 40% faster then the adreno 330
    it will have a 13MP cam (with dual flash) not 16MP aldough the camera pixels stay the same 
    the will improve the camera alot 
    the front camera will be 3.2 MP
    and it will have a improved ir blaster
    oh and BTW the material on the back of the note 3 is not leather but plastic that looks like leather
    Thanks for reading

  4. I am very curios how the S5 is going to be. I have been saving up for an S4 because I wanted to get an S4 (or a note 3)so badly but the S4 is getting old and the innovation is going fast. So im going to wait for the S5 but i'm very curios

  5. 1. please use better materials in Samsung S5 because the plastic is horrible
    2. I like big phones but I hope not much big like note 3
    3. a good design for home button
    4. remove the option and the back hardware buttons

  6. they say it will have a 2k display and eye scanning technology similar to apple fingerprint scanner. Plus i have also heard it will be bater and dust resistant 

  7. I hope that Samsung makes a trio release: Galaxy Round for U.S, S5, and Note 4, all made of metal (preferably magnesium, not aluminium), and all packing the same specs. Then, the only choice would be of screen size and software features. Also, I hope that the Play Edition launches for all, including (read: especially) the Note 4.

  8. 2K Display
    ANDROID 4.4
    3+MP front camera
    USB 3.0
    And something to make iphone users stfu 

  9. My Samsung S5 Specs Wishlist:

    CPU: 64-Bit Quad-Core or Better
    RAM: 4GB
    Camera: 16MP
    OS: Android 4.4.1
    Resolution: 2K(2560x1440p) or 4k(3840 × 2160)
    Screen Size: 5 inch
    Make: Metal Construction

    This is juts my opinion but it will be much better than the iPhone 5S&6

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