Science Papa Review (Wii)

The Wiiviewer reviews Science Papa for the Wii.

31 thoughts on “Science Papa Review (Wii)

  1. Not trying to b rude but u can make a bomb out of almost anything. If somebody/or kid knows a persons in the military or a good library it really is not that hard. Your bathroom or kitchen. But really what game is not violent Mario jumps on gumbas it insinuates to hit people. But it does have a cute factor
    i am getting this game

  2. You completely right about building bombs and fireworks. Would have been better if it simulated running a crystal meth lab, you know, something kids can use in the future.

  3. Which one came first though, Science Papa or Cooking Mama, because I think someone ripped someone off.

  4. So its "cooking mama" and "science papa"… whats next? "knows his place nigga" ? "infidels must die" ? … "foraigners took my job" ? "hating homeless"?

    seriously who tought this was a good idea

  5. fu. i love that game. ill make a lp/walkthrough/review video soon. ok so its weird well so is every other kids even teens video game. and millions have you playing god but they were good. so this is not so bad compare to others

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