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The entertaining FR-S goes versus Toyota’s graphic of building only tedious cars. Basically identical to the Subaru BRZ, the Scion FR-S differs only in some tuning, styling and machines specifics. Read our blog site for a lot more specifics on the Scion FR-S: http://little

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  1. 99% of Toyota cars are boring including the Rav4. The CRX Si could run away and hide from the ae86 (Corolla GTS). The original MR2 was a drivers car. By the time the Turbo came around it had been XB…..ed. Toyota has no problem building excellent light weight entertaining cars to drive. They just cannot maintain them. They always make them larger and softer and add power seats.

  2. He's a troll that goes around to all the BRZ/FRS vids. He knows next to nothing about the design of the car(s), and showed his true colors in one of his discussions when he called it a "she-male" car. He even said a mini-cooper would be a better buy. LOL.

  3. With that mind set, you can assume all american cars should be priced at $10k since they last around 5 years 😀

  4. I dont think you're getting the point. Rear-Wheel drive, yet economical 4-Cylinder car? Where else are you going to find that? Where are you going to get a car that handles as well as this? I've driven one, and it is quite breathtaking. If you want to have FUN in a car, you buy this.

  5. I thought Consumer Reports was the standard of product reviews. This video does not help all the yuppies who make all their decision based on this magazine. (The FRSBRZ is overpriced. At the $25,000 price point the car offers no value for the money spent.)

  6. Toyota's current image is boring cars, and because the cars you mention are from the 80s and late 90s (excluding the FJ cruiser, and RAV4 V6, to me not interesting cars anyway), the image of young people and what not are under the belief that toyota is a boring company, hence the reason in the U.S. its being marketed as the scion FR-S

  7. its called the toyota gt86 elsewhere like europe and japan but over here in the states its manufactured and decorated with scion badges/logos. scion was created to appeal to generation y customers. id prefer the car with the original toyota and 86 badge myself. you can buy them online for a fairly good price

  8. Meh. It's the age old argument of American muscle vs. Japanese nimbleness. Personally I would take this over a comparatively priced Mustang any day of the week, and a friend of mine rates the Mustang miles over the FR-S/BRZ.

  9. Just bought this car a week and a half ago and HNNNNG….I've fallen head over heels for this ride! Living on winding country back roads makes it a really fun daily commute to and from work.

  10. While that car looks and performs in a stunning fashion, the better bang for your buck is the Mustang v6 especially with the performance package. However, the nimble and balanced demeanor of the FR-S/BRZ will entertain much like a Miata MX-5 and RX-8 would. Sometimes the extra power isn't all that is needed to bring a smile to a driver's face.

  11. Its funny how they say the FRS springs are softer when in fact the rears are actually stiffer and induces oversteer much easier.

  12. This is why I'll NEVER, EVER, buy a USED FR-S/BR-Z! LOL!
    BTW, when did Consumer Reports reporters start having fun doing their jobs?

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