Scion FR-S vs Subaru BRZ at Shopper Reports test keep track of | Shopper Reports

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are practically similar twins. Entertaining to drive, however economical and affordable, these automobiles are aimed at the driving enthusiast. Find more info on the FR-S and BRZ on our site: http://little

23 thoughts on “Scion FR-S vs Subaru BRZ at Shopper Reports test keep track of | Shopper Reports

  1. You do get Sat Nav. and other decent feature if you buy the Monogram Series FR-S. I bought one for $25k. 2014 is the year.

  2. My goal is to save up some money (obviously) and buy this car in a few years right now I'm 17, so maybe when im 19 or 20 I will be able to afford the Subaru brz (don't have a job at the moment but planning on getting a summer job)

  3. I have frs stock with spoiler on trunk lip under exhaust pipes and tinted. Stock so they do come with those options. And i chose the frs it drifts better, lighter, and looks little better inside and out. In my opinion

  4. The BRZ is good for high speed stability, while the FRS is good for lower speed handling. All because of their suspension tweaking. I enjoy the high speed on the highway and I don't mind the extras in the BRZ for such a low price. I'll take the BRZ :)

  5. This doesn't even make any sense what so ever lmao it's the EXACT same vehicle with minor cosmetic differences. This is a pointless video.

  6. As much as i love the FR-S, if im gonna spend $25k on a car, its gonna be a turboed car – so a WRX is a better deal to me

  7. @oscar marin actually Subaru does belong to Scion now because Toyota now owns 40% of Subaru. Hence the twin vehicles

  8. I love my FRS very fast and a joy to ride had it for a month now and drove it from L.A. To Washington & back a must buy!!!

  9. this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. would go with the Subaru. rather stick with the make who made the motor. Boxer motor belongs to Subaru not Scion.

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