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Check out our Scooter Buying Guide with this video from Consumer Reports. Get more car info on our website: Riding a scooter or motorcycle can save fuel and be fun. But traveling on two wheels instead of four brings sacrifices in comfort and safety.

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48 thoughts on “Scooters Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

  1. so many people say Chinese scooters are junk, but I've owned Chinese atv. and they said the same thing, that's funny because mine never had a one problem in the three years I owned it. and that's taking it in the mountains in Oregon, and there trails. which most people east of the mississippi  river have no Idea what tough trails are.. it was a taotao 200cc. PS. just watched a video on u-tube ( scooters across America ) A father and son rode two 50cc scooters from san Francisco ca to N.Y. City. one was a Honda and the other was a Chinese scooter that had sat for four years with out starting, gave it a tune up and tires and had no trouble at all. well it was as good as the Honda.. Make your own judgment . watch the video.  scooters across America..

  2. you know I didn't know that a scooter didn't have air conditioning or a roof I think I'm going to buy a car then who knows

  3. Im not following your rationale about the MPG, a car goes faster, yes, and with an efficient vehicle you can travel around 40 miles per 1 gallon of gas, If I can travel 100 miles per 1 gallon of gas how is that different scenario? If I work 10 miles away I can make 4 trips in a car/10 trips on the scooter per 1 gallon…..what am I missing here?

  4. I suggest he knows not as much as he thinks seeing as there are more choices out there than that and i know of better prices

  5. Should do some of the 150's and upwards as trikes for stability for some people who don't feel safe on two wheels

  6. the Title should say "DON'T BUY A MOTORCYLE OR YOU'LL FACE CERTAIN DEATH" instead of a Scooter buying guide
    all it talked about is comparing a moped motorcycle and a 4 wheel vehicle/car and the dangers you'll face instead of ALL the advantage of a motorcycle like low operating cost and insurance, nimble in traffic, perfect for short city hops, doesn't need huge parking space, minimal maintenance, affordable and all the good things a motorcycle is compared to a car etc etc.

  7. Wow, consumer reports really hates scooters. Well I like them, there must be something wrong with me.

  8. milkywaycrasher you cant be afraid to ride a scooter after seeing this video just stay out of peoples blind spots and watch out for traffic if your afraid to get in a reck than you problebby will but if your not afraid then you wont its just that simple just watch out for TRAFFIC AND STAY OUT OF PEOPLES BLIND SPOTS!!!! OK!!!!! 🙂

  9. If you are afraid you will have accident because you are more vulnerable then you will.You can't be afraid to ride.Just know what to look out for and stay the hell out of peoples blind spots.Know they are not looking for you.

  10. I got a 150 cc Chinese scooter brand new 2011 for 800.00. It goes up to 80 mph. But I only. Like to take it up to max 55 mph. This guys numbers are all over the place and wrong. Consumer reports should be embarrassed by this poor information they are putting out.

  11. Everyone that changed there mind after this video! you can get a 100cc Big Bore Kit for your scooter that makes it go 65mph for $60.00 also he lied. they dont go 30. they go 35-40mph 45mph tops and if you want faster speed then get the cheap big bore kit and go 65-75Mph tops

  12. This video is stupid. The 125 to 150cc scooters it show are vespas or chinese and have carbuetors.  Yamaha makes better scooters with fuel infection and with lower price tags.

  13. Did he really say anything that wasn't already blatantly obvious?
    He basically spent half the video describing how a scooter isnt a car…

  14. Nic I said "Scooters suck! Communist america is bringing people to poverty" 
    Sounds like a David Koresh disciple. How is a scooter putting an entire country into poverty?!? What a goober! 

  15. Good review but I'm not making my decision based on 1 person's opinion. ALL motor vehicles have some kind of drawback, but do the research and find out for yourself. Don't just be taking a critic's word for it.

  16. well since i'm the bicycling king of kings i guess i better place this video in perspective these are not scooters. moped defined is one person, and 30 mph only and maximum 50cc. scooters meanwhile such as the TBX EFI 260 have larger wheels, trunks, fairing, and are freeway legal. but who cares about definition or diction – fact is those "things" with tiny wheels shouldn even be on the roadway period.  

    Very true about the larger wheels being superior ALWAYS buy a 29 inch mt bike vs 26 and or 700c wheels for lowest rolling resistance and longer lasting tires and a smoother ride u will work MUCH less with bigger wheels, and or so will your engine. . I would never place a gas engine on tiny wheels. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. why?  i know best. TRUSS MEEE. they shouldn't even be tested those tiny wheels on gas power are sheer poison rite off the bat. for 2,750 shipped a CMS POTENTE 300  watercooled SCOOTER has EFI, enourmous carrying capacity and 90 mph top speed with full fairing to keep most rain off of u AND KEEP IN MIND THESE FAIRINGS EXTEND TO YOUR SHOES AND KEEP YOUR FEET DRY AS WELL. Nother good choice the REFLEX scooter CLONES such as COMMON NAMES:
    MC-54-250, MC-54B-250, MC-54-250B, YY250T, MP-250A, VIVA 250 Roadster, MC-SL22A, 250 Ranger, 250 Road Queen and these copies of the reflex offers a wide range of aftermarket parts. These bikes will do freeway, for constant freeway the Aeolus 400 EFI from extreme scooters is a better choice, $4,350 shipped.

    ….now to cover 25 miles out and back my ultra efficient, practical, durable electric bike is all u ever need goes 50 miles no pedaling on 6 pennies and can easily be pedaled when battery dead with massive carrying capacity front porteur and rear basket, top speed 28 mph. unfortunately my e bike design is by far the best on the planet and i only built one. oh and that lovely bike he is sitting on at the end aint worth a damn if you want to be comfortable and dry and hope to carry anything – and that fairing is beyond worthless and was designed by the devil himself fallen angels are ruling right now and they do NOT like efficient machines especially gas powered ones too bad they have infiltrated the consumer reports. (and too bad this message will get deleted)

  17. You forgot to mention that a motorcycle pretty much has zero storage when comparing to a scooter.

  18. How about imagining others aren't children and stop with the lecture about how cars are safer.  Everyone knows that.  Assume that people are going to buy a scooter and give them the best information you can about scooters.  This video was scooter information light because of time wasted talking about other things.  Pathetic effort.

  19. What a butthead!!  This is far from a scooter buying guide….And, more like a DON'T BUY A SCOOTER!!!   At least name off the brands that have bigger wheels.  Or have more reliable engines….What a pole smoker.

  20. Such a negative review. He's probably a motorcycle rider with his panties in a wad because they made him review scooters. I've got 3 from 50cc to 250cc and the 250 will do what he says are the good things about motorcycles and still get better mileage. Last check was 72mpg on a road trip where my speed ranged from city driving to 75 mph.

  21. If you're going to get a 49cc scooter you have to go with a 2-stroke and forget the 4 stroke models, simply not enough acceleration or power. I own a 2005 Yamaha Zuma and a 2004 Kymco People 50 and both go easily 40mph (with a 160lb driver) … since the Kymco is lighter it goes 45-50 no problem. Both are 2 stroke. I think the Yamaha Zuma is probably one of the best 49cc scooters ever built and for the price you cannot beat the features (big beefy suspension, big fat tires, ton of storage.

  22. That is the KYMCO People 150. It rated #1 in this test against the Vespa and Yamaha. You can see it on our website, solanocycle. KYMCO is discontinuing this model, so you should get one soon if you want one. The replacement is the Like 200i, or the Compagno 110i, both of which are now fuel injected.

  23. I took on a small challenge to see how fast a 49cc ruckus can be made to go without changing the displacement. So far with a new intake, exhaust, Synthetic oil, and jetted carb it will hit 43mph before it hits the rev limiter and asks for more. After a new head, cam, programmer, coil, plug, and carb im sure slightly larger tires and variator work it could hit 50+mph.

  24. my 50cc kymco super 8 with 70cc bore kit ,19mm carb and gears will hit 80mph.Has big brakes to start with,a must.

  25. A 50 cc Ruckus won't go over 40 mph. I owned a Metropolitan with the same motor. The Ruckus is heavier but it's geared differently so it will go the same top speed. The presenter really focused on the things scooters can't do instead of what they do much better than cars. I don't think he gets it. Scooters are awesome fun vehicles to ride around busy cities that have crowded streets.

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