seven Wonders Babel Overview – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel usually takes a glance at the most recent growth for seven Wonders board video game

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22 thoughts on “seven Wonders Babel Overview – with Tom Vasel

  1. How does Cities dilute the cards? It doesn't remove any from what you'd normally have. You just get an extra card to draft each age.

  2. Leaders and Cities are the way to go with 7 Wonders. They make  this game a 10. The tower of Babel destroys the game. Great projects is a little  better, but also has structural flaws. SO I would recommend CIties+Leaders

  3. I dislike the tower of babel because it leads to situation where you have to stop playing because your build has been utterly made useless. The worst feeling in a game is when you are no longer allowed to play, but just have to sell card after card or give up half an age to bury a rule, something that will certainly doom your chances.

  4. I actually think this expansion looks really really GOOD! 🙂 The tower of babel has a mechanic that i really like, namely global effects. Not much to say there, i just love the fact that each game will have additional rules that change (i love tales & legends for smallworld, for example). And the great project is in a way a worker placement-mechanic, and that's one of my favorite boardgame mechanics. You will have the option of taking a participation token (=placing a worker) and get a good effect, but only potentially, and you need to do that before everybody else does it (=amount of worker spaces are number of players minus one). I'm looking forward to playing with these, both for different reasons! Seems like a great expansion that's scheduled to arrive in the mail tomorrow. 

    And i disagree with other posters here that this is a lazy expansion. Granted, it does add quite basic, some might say non-creative, features (albeit with a very flashy presentation), but they are solid additions i think. Can't wait to play with it!

  5. OMG… I definitely will NOT buy this. The people I played with already hated the original version because it is too complex and scoring at the end is frustrating. But thanks for the review.

  6. Seems to be a nice addition to the base game but I also thought the tower wasn't the best part of this expansion. The size of the tokens, boards and cards however bothers me a lot. I'm sure everything could be smaller even though the artwork is indeed awesome. Thank you for another great review and keep up with the good work!

  7. Tom: The penalty for double walls doesn't cover up the age I wonder ability (search discard pile) that you displayed. It covers up the top left corner, where Halikarnassos' Loom icon is. The penalty is worse than the other age I projects since every wonder other than Mannekin Pis has a starting resource/ability by default. The wording on the Babel rules was too literal, so it's very easy to misinterpret, just like Cities' "rebate" terminology.

    I'm also wondering, why did Repos remove names for the different Babel tiles? The Gen Con preview had things like "warmongering" (tower 22), "utopia" (tower 24) and "pacifism" (tower 19) which made sense for the abilities, but did they find it not necessary to imprint? I would have thought names would be good for the tiles because even though the symbols are clear, it's in a circle in the middle, not in front of you. Especially if someone newer asked "which towers are out?"

    My playgroup will have a chance to play this this weekend. We tried proxies and the conclusion was that babel lowered average points, because Babel tiles that give resources made early card denial an incentive, leading to discarded tiles sooner. It was also easy to forget the great project was in the middle. But poor play was due to the inconvenience of the proxies. Proper playing will net much better varied results.

    A few other interesting things to note:
    Each of the 7 resources are represented throughout the great projects' contribution costs, and one time only. Age I Brick/Stone, Age II Glass/Papyrus/Loom, Age III Wood/Ore.
    There is no Purple or Yellow card penalty. You cannot lose a Blue or Green card in age I. In fact, the only way to lose a Green card is to fail contributing to Menagerie in Age III, the purple project.
    Babel has no direct interaction with Black City cards. Same with Great Projects, mainly because this expansion strictly expands Base, so it couldn't account for City cards or leaders anyways.

  8. Is it just me or does Tom look younger? Is it the new glasses? Or he shaved?

  9. @5:13

    It doesn't cover up any of the bottom benefits of the wonder cards. It covers up only the upper left resource (or benefit in regards to Rome). 

  10. Yeah, Leaders and Cities is as far as I'm going with this game. While the 'Great Projects' idea seems, at least, different, I'm not sold on the Tower. That's just a card dump mechanism that either helps or hurts everyone. As much as I like 7 Wonders (and thank it for being one of my gateway games), I think this expansion set is unnecessary. Leaders helped give players more direction when choosing cards, Cities offered a little more interaction between players, but Babel seems to be Bauza's lazy addition to the game. Glad I didn't get too excited about this one.

  11. I like the beep-beep at 2:48. Not sure how much more complex this makes the game, I already find this a tricky game to teach to new players.

  12. I remember going through the bgg Comments and I think more people favored the Great projects over the tower.

  13. Just as I start to settle on some go-to strategies when I play, there's this. I love it. I can't wait to pick this up!

  14. Tom:

    Cities doesn't dilute any number of cards. It only adds cards and gives you an extra turn for the cards added, so it actually could lead to more of those color cards being played.

    It does have less money though, which looks like it may make it harder to contribute to the great projects

  15. Absolutely going to get this expansion, but why is my eye drawn to Imperial Assault on the shelf … Can't … Stop … Looking! 

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