Significant Obligation vehicles – 2011-2013 | Purchaser Reports

Purchaser Reports compares the Ford F-250, the Dodge Ram 2500 and the twin Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and GMC Sierra. Find out more about pickup vehicles on our internet site: http://little

31 thoughts on “Significant Obligation vehicles – 2011-2013 | Purchaser Reports

  1. Man only reason I'm looking for a heavy duty truck is to ram the ass holes when they cut me off. I think I will need to customise it though:/

  2. where's the tundra, oh i know they didn't want to put the others to shame, tundra is way more reliable and better resale value

  3. I liked this, I didn't feel like they were being bias towards any even though I'm preferential to RAM, but honestly I like all 3. 

  4. I wish they would have said that the interiors on the GMC/Chevy arent worth the 50-70k sticker price when Dodge and Ford make you feel like you are getting the most for your money. Gone are the days of cloth, roll up windows, and tape decks, and Chevrolet.

  5. My tip on any truck you buy, ALWAYS buy more truck than you think you'll need. If your worried about mpg then just buy that Prius you really wanted…Pussy

  6. What a waste. I expected more from Consumer Reports. All they did was highlight a few things here and there and then make 1 or 2 negative comments about each. I was expecting a recommendation of one over the others, not a movie review. Didn't learn anything here that I couldn't have learned by reading online or going down to the dealerships. Hope they do better next time.

  7. A honest report finally. So in other hands they all have their ups n downs but at the end if youre getting hd truck its for power and capbability so im rollin with chevy after its only down side is a smaller cabin and a lil noiser engine, but its not a dam civic so what you expect right?

  8. I got a 2014 gmc Sierra and I love it I really want to get a diesel which one gets the best fuel economy

  9. Its the new cummins doing this. Its all the eco crap on them holding them back. My 05 cummins does about 25 easily on the interstate.

  10. of course you can get good gas mileage going on flat land going 55-65 thats hwy mileage nd ur retarded you can't get 30mpg

  11. this dude must have a heavy foot, because Cummins have been known to get a COMBINED fuel estimate in the mid 20's. If you are on a flat road doing 55-65 you can get a good 30 mpg out of a Cummins, and even more in the first gens. This dude is retarded or something.

  12. No, more power has very little to do with it.. Diesel particulate filters and exhaust gas recirculation lower MPG tremendously, not the increase in power.

  13. I like my 3/4 ton truck. Yes a 1/2 ton can do what I need it to do. But….Its better to have the extra umph and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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