SJCAM M20 4K Action Camera Critique & Sample Footage – Finest Chinese Action Cam?

The critique of the SJCAM M20 4K Action Camera & Sample Video clip and photographs.

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In this movie i choose a glimpse at the SJCAM M20 Action Camera. This digicam can record in 2K and 4K aside from 1080P AT 60FPS. The movie stabilization will work very very well and the picture good quality is the ideal out of all the motion cameras that i have tried. The digicam can also hook up to Android smartphones or Iphones via wifi via the SJCAM App.
Verify out sample films and sample photographs in the critique movie.

10 thoughts on “SJCAM M20 4K Action Camera Critique & Sample Footage – Finest Chinese Action Cam?

  1. Hey Alex, great video. Do you know if an external battery pack can be connected for extended record time? I have seen some cameras that will not let you use the camera at the same time the battery pack is connected and goes into charge mode. Thanks

  2. Thanks! This is a good one but a bit pricey.
    I notice you drive a Kia, do you have a review for it? I like to watch your Kia review.

  3. Nice one Alex. It WAS worth watching and product was much more interesting than video title made Me think. Is that lovely green land Canada and your neighbourhood? My nephew tells me Toronto area is lovely to visit.

  4. Good video, Great product, but i prefer the Eken h9 4K (not real 4k, just 15 fps and 1080p scaled to 4k) because is chipper and in 1080p video are identical….!

  5. Just love You Bro #nohomo but you are the Exactly Youtuber that i always watch. anyways i Order always from Gearbest. And what about Elecam Explorer Elite?

    anyways Take care :)

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