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The Z2 is an simple cellular phone to advocate, at minimum for people living in international locations where it’ll surely be accessible. The only true caveat is the handset’s enormous, monolithic development.
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39 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z2 evaluation | Engadget

  1. htc has boom speakers and sony doesn't have any excuse?
    wait. ask htc to embed waterproofing in that same size.

  2. So, how about Samsung Galaxy S5? It has smaller screen & bigger bezel than ever before, tiny speaker, smaller battery life, smaller RAM, nano size 16Megapixel sensor and unfortunate golf plastic cover, now the unlocked version of S5 is at the same price with Z2 🙂
    Sorry for uncovering the truth xD

  3. Z2 is not wider then the z1, go and measure the 2 phone, and you can't even compare the size difference to the htc one m8 coz the htc one m8 is way bigger then it needs to be as well, the HTC m8 has a 5inch screen so does the old xperia z and its way longer then the z coz if the speakers , so the z2 should have the same level of understanding for its length coz of the speakers.

  4. Absolute rubbish and biased review, u say it's big and there r no excuses and u say the HTC has speakers so that's excusable like u didn't know the Sony has S Front surround speakers top and bottom. It's not Sony's fault that they r well hidden/concealed unlike the HTC. What a terrible review, totally biased, u compare it with the Lg g2, is that water proof? The Samsung s5 has increased in bezels top and bottom and why is that? If you didn't know it's as a result of the water proofing. The Samsung has the same water proofing level of the Old Sony Xperia Z and that handset had smaller bezels than the Z2 which is even more water proof than the Samsung. This has to be the worst review i have seen, very biased.

  5. It's the same height as the HTC one M8. How can stereo speakers be described as tinny? This is a review from a journalist who has zero passion for mobile technology. Engadget won't careless, because we're all commenting on his inept opinions of a fantastic smart phone from Sony this time around. 

  6. Le jour ou ce sera en francais peu-etre que j'aimerai regardez ces videos mais en attendant je passe mon tour….

  7. Le jour ou ce sera en francais peu-etre que j'aimerai regardez ces videos mais en attendant je passe mon tour….

  8. This is a crappy review, but I'll probably vote the M8 top all around android phone, and while the camera is only 4MP, it kinda only matters for those who do cropping, otherwise the pictures are sharp enough for the internet. The Z2 is impressive though, very good lineup this year from everyone

  9. i am not saying that beacuse i am a fanboy but you dont knew what you are talking about the xperia z2 is taller but he is less wide and the camera in  3:4 it isnt so good so please check your facts first!!

  10. This reviewer is a fucking retard…. THIS ISNT EVEN A REVIEW.. 3 and a half min.

    Yes its bigger cause its waterproof and has stereo speakers!

    WTF frong with the UI? Every other site loves it and its close to the stock android!

  11. Omg… that was the worst review i have ever seen for a phone. Is it your first one ? Definitely you were paid by Samsung at least, cause HTC doesnt have spare money for that lol 😀 

  12. What the hell was that? The ui want even looked at in this review. I'm going to unsubscribe right now. 

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