Speaking Autos with Purchaser Stories #9: Four Autos, Four Amazing Examination Effects | Purchaser Stories

Purchaser Reports’ motor vehicle authorities chat about 4 just lately analyzed cars and trucks – Chevrolet Impala, Ram 1500, Kia Forte, Hyundai Santa Fe. All did very well in our exams. Dialogue carries on on to the Chevrolet Spark EV and screening stick shift cars and trucks. For additional reviews, guidelines, and tips check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org
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27 thoughts on “Speaking Autos with Purchaser Stories #9: Four Autos, Four Amazing Examination Effects | Purchaser Stories

  1. It sure took GM long enough . Where was this impala when I got that POS '08 model? What a nightmare that was

  2. When they talk about trucks, all they talk about is the ride and the tailgate, come on! And Impala? Lol, you guys need some younger reviewers who aren't so obsessed with comfort.

  3. there are people who only listen to records because they sound better. It's antiquated, but theres people that still hang on to that.

  4. I like the Impala, I would love it if it was RWD. Hyundai/Kia has made great improvements in their product line but their crash-test results are scary.

  5. I think American and Korean cars are simply catching up. On average, Japanese cars still have everyone's number when it comes to reliability and cost of ownership. To me, that makes a big difference than number of features and sticker price. I'll glady spend $2k up front to save $5k down the road. I tell people I'll buy an American car once they get the same track record as the Japanese cars I've owned. Like US presidents, we may not really know how good they are for another 10-15 years.

  6. I've been reading CR for 40 years. My question is, have American cars really gotten better or are you all transitioning out of your "Japanese car phase"? 🙂 I haven't owned a US nameplate in decades — am I really missing something?

  7. In terms of longevity and repair frequency, I still can't bring myself to consider an American car. I just don't have confidence in them. Trucks however are a different story. I would buy a RAM or Ford before I would buy a Toyota or Nissan.

  8. Honda scrambled to pretty up the Civic's dashboard but Ford still hasn't fixed their automatic transmission?

  9. Guys,

    The audio needs to be improved. A normalized would help. I have to pump up the volume because most of the time the voice is really low, then climbs suddenly and there is distortion on the speakers.

    Regarding the use of blurry background as landscape using the green wall, does not look real, since H.264 compresses by objects and video seems fake in general.

    I hope this helps for a better show.

  10. How can the santa fe consumer report top pick, when the highlander still stands higher of the ground then it ;p

  11. Good video; I was convinced Consumer Reports only rated Japanese imports well but they seem to be warming up to a lot of American cars too

  12. The take rate on manual transmissions is a "Catch 22" situation. There are a lot of vehicles that I would love to consider, if they offered manual transmissions in higher trim levels. Normally, manuals are only offered in "base" trims, then when you venture up to another trim to get more options, there is no manual tranny offered.

  13. Tom, you'r one of few car reviewers whom i take their comments seriously. Your observation are sharp and precise Yet for the new impala i am having a hard time beleiving that its as good as you claim. I really hope CR is not getting paid by GM for this

  14. Honda scrambled to pretty up the Civic's dashboard but Ford still hasn't done anything about their automatic transmission?

  15. Attack poodle! Very funny. Wish Focus would fix their auto – we are going to hire one and see if we can live with the transmission (the gf does not drive stick shift…..yet), but I have a feeling we are going to be disappointed. Hopefully you will test the Mazda 3 soon, which could the Focus competition in the next year.

  16. Ford claims the take rate for manuals in the Fiesta and Focus is close to 20%
    I'd like to see tests of lower trim level pickups

  17. I like the notion of an manual tranny in my Jeep, but I drive for business (>20k a year) and the idea of shifting gears in traffic is not an option. The Jeep has a TipTronic tranny which allows me to hold any gear for situations where the puny 3.7 can''t heft the bulk of the Jeep up a hill or onto a highway.

  18. Enjoyed the show, how you guys touched on a broad spectrum of cars, its reassuring to know when you all recommend a auto its also reliable not just a fun car to drive.

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