Spy Fox in Dry Cereal Review (Wii)

The Wiiviewer reviews Spy Fox in Dry Cereal for the Wii.

The review is a bit short because there wasn’t much to talk about. Its a standard point and click adventure game for kids.

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  1. I think he's also including the two non-Junior Adventure games, Cheese Chase, and the other whose title I don't remember.

  2. I miss my childhood, this games were fun as a kid, I'm thinking of getting this game for my niece, and the others. She never experience all these games like I did as a child.

  3. Oh wow…PC Point and Click kids games were what I LOVED back in the day! Pajama Sam was probably 15% of my childhood!

  4. And now, the conclusion..
    2:38 – WTF? Why did you say this game is worth a rent? It's actually worth buying! Well, on the PC anyway. But I agree, the Wii version is worth a rent, since it's not as memorable as the PC version.
    Those were my complaints. BTW, review Pajama Sam & Freddi Fish!

  5. 1:17 – I agree, but some of the dialog is out of place.
    1:22 – The music is higher-pitch than the original PC counterpart, and the frame rate is also faster. I guess the Wii is too powerful for this game.
    1:51 – OMGWTFBBQ?! Your favorite game is Go Fish?! QUICK, SOMEBODY CALL 911!
    1:59 – NOT!
    2:02 – Nope, it's not simple. It's hard as *bleep*!
    2:16 – Kinda…
    2:34 – Not quite standard. It's actually very fun & awesome!
    2:35 – It is memorable. Alot of people know it!
    To be concluded…

  6. Here's my complaints:
    0:11 – Why didn't you show Cheese Chase & Hold the Mustard?
    0:17 – Not really. It's meant to be re-released for the Wii incase younger kids might want to play it.
    0:21 – Because Spy Fox is on a really LONG vacation.
    0:33 – Be lucky that Escape From Monkey Island has been released for WiiWare.
    0:42 – Spy Fox already knew that William the Kid did this, since he rescued Mr. Udderly & he told Spy Fox that Kid is behind all this.
    To be continued…

  7. "I think this game is worth a rent"
    Christ, why did you say that? Legoking831 would be furious for saying that!

  8. 1:22
    WTF Atari did to the freaking music? It ruined the nostalgia, aside from the fact that this game is worth a rent!

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