Summer 2016 Movie Recap (Some Dumb Kid’s Reviews)

Well, Summer was a bit of a doozy this year, but there were a few diamonds in the rough.

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2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Movie Recap (Some Dumb Kid’s Reviews)

  1. Ice age… Just…. Why…… Like the Dino age wasn't enough…. The joker for suicide squad….. No.. THE WHOLE MOVIE… Absolute trash. Ghost busters… Just no….. I swear if they try to make a old move like the goonies and mess it up again I don't want to deal with life…. Anyways. Awesome and ridiculously funny edits!

  2. 5:175:26 My thoughts exactly. They should stop making sequels for Ice Age.
    On a side note I loved Star Trek Beyond as well. I braced myself since I saw those trailers but when I came out, it was a pretty good movie. For me my favorites were Jason Bourne and Star Trek Beyond.

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