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20 thoughts on “Super Dungeon Take a look at: Neglected King review – Board Game Brawl

  1. If anyone is looking for a copy of this game, I bought one and opened it to do a review video and have never even played it. Looking to sell it off to someone who will give it the table time that it deserves.

  2. I have the first S. Dungeon Explorer. Could you tell me if it's possible to play with the old and the new game at the same time?

  3. Nick at first when I watched this review I was in hard disagreement with you, but after a second viewing I find your advice helpful. I've played Arcade three times now and each time it has been at least 3 hours. I still thought it was really fun and unpredictable as a solo and two player experience. Thanks to your advice I can safely say I would never play Arcade Mode with more than four players; it is simply too long as a whole.

    I have to ask you now; Arcadia Quest or Super Dungeon, which do you enjoy more?

  4. I'm pretty sure that when you have 3 (or 5) players in Arcade mode. After the first two players go, the consul goes, and then two more players go, one of which has to be the player who didn't go before. Is that not correct?

  5. You pretty much summed up my opinion of Arcade Mode Word for Word!  I was soooo looking forward to it, and it fell flat on it's face!  Luckily the Classic Mode rules are improved so much that it's worth while!  Have you tried Arena Mode?  Thoughts?

  6. get a bag with different color poker chips equal to the number of players. Plus half that number again (rounded up) for the consul. pull a chip out at the start of each turn. the  player with that color takes their turn. rinse repeat. once everyone has taken their turn toss the chips back in. shake up the bag and start over again

    It will give you random turn sequence. And add to the tension, as you wait for your chip to be pulled out.

  7. Warmachine on the shelf! Thanks for the review. So the classic rules have been revised, but its still a 2-3 hour game? =(

  8. When I saw the 360 minutes at the beginning of the video I thought it had to be a typo. I guess not and that's really unfortunate. 

    We would play 3 hero games of SDE in around 1.5 to 2 hours and 5 hero games in 2.5-3 hours. I was hoping the new rules were streamlined and play would be quicker. 

    I'm also sad to hear about the arcade mode. I've read its super easy as well. Add on the dragging out and it sounds like they just didn't play test this game.

    I currently have everything produced for SDE. I love the theme and the models, but convincing my group to play this for 3 or more hours is going to be tough to impossible. Seems like this game might end up being more about painting the minis than playing for me :(

  9. About Arcade Mode… I only played it once solitary with 3 heroes – and it was my first time at playing SDE. At first I was finding it a little bit clunky to go through the Consul phase, but after a few turns, It clicked and I was more than Ok with it. It's pretty straight forward. The clunkiest part is really the Elite/Minions/gang concept – and part of it is due to the cards that are way too small to keep track of everything. Someone on BGG is creating much better Gang sheets that will remove all clunkiest on that part. That person already had one available to download and SPM should have done something like that.

    As for the 2-heroes only per turn, I can see it as been a problem with 4 or more players. But since I'll be playing mostly 3-player games only, I don't see it as a big issue. Worst case scenario, someone will skip a turn. Not that big of a problem. Also, with three players the game recommend using 3 spawn points, so each of us will be in charged of 1 spawn point – would probably stream the process a little.

    In short, I backed it up on Kickstarter mostly for the Arcade mode, as my group is not really in love with '1 vs All' type of games. and from my first solo experience with it, I'm glad that I backed it up. I had fun playing it. Time will tell if it would still be the case on the long run.

    Thanks for taking the time doing those fantastic videos.

  10. To be honest, I've backed the Kickstarter project mainly for the update for the classic mode.

    What do you think about the princess coins? I know they fit the theme of video game arcade very well, but are they fun in classic mode?

    I have the original game and expansions, and I remember that most 4 players games (3 heroes) took us at least 5 hours. How much time will a game of classic mode take?

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