Talking Cars and trucks with Shopper Reviews #forty two: Tesla Design S Difficulties | Shopper Reviews

Certain, the electric powered Tesla Design S is the best-scoring motor vehicle in Shopper Reviews rankings, and their entrepreneurs appreciate them. But above fifteen,000 miles of driving, the Design S we purchased has had extra than a few challenges.
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We discuss about individuals challenges, general public response, and what it all signifies. Following we focus on an additional electric powered motor vehicle, the BMW i3. It is contrary to any BMW you’ve got at any time viewed. Bringing points back to extra “standard” autos, we introduce our 2015 Subaru Outback take a look at motor vehicle. Subaru’s been listening, mainly because they mounted a ton of the shortcomings in past Outbacks. Last but not least, we response irrespective of whether a initially-time new motor vehicle buyer really should get an Outback and approach in advance for children.

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33 thoughts on “Talking Cars and trucks with Shopper Reviews #forty two: Tesla Design S Difficulties | Shopper Reviews

  1. If the computer hangs you can't get the charging door open… Come on Elon… I hope the Model 3 has less of the flashy gimmicks and plenty of manual overrides when the PC screws up!
    Mr Venom does not strike me as a prospective EV buyer…

  2. How dare you compare the BMW i3 to the Chevy Volt!? Are you kidding? The Volt can drive across the nation on gas . . . the i3 could NEVER. VERY bad comparison. COMPLETELY different vehicles.

  3. So, where's the update? Tesla has been making improvements over the past 18 months since this video was posted. Where's the update, CR?

  4. This is what i have concluded Tesla owners or fans fall in the category of Cross Fitters,Vegans,Feminists, or any new age hippie if you do not agree with everything what they say or point anything wrong with that they say or believe in they get really REALLY butt hurt

  5. Tesla has little glitches just like any but when you have any problems , you call them up and they come to your home , drop off another car for you , fixes it , then delivers your car to your door step …Now who else does that????

  6. Tesla is following the Lexus model of customer satisfaction and standing behind your product.
    Good for you !!! Other companies can learn a lesson from this.
    I have a Lexus so I speak from personal experience.

  7. So it's completely unfair to take their "Buy" rating off the car when issues are common, yet easily fixed, and only in older versions of the Model S. Potential model S buyers aren't going to be buying cars from 2013/2014 anyways. Issues already addressed in new cars.

  8. the charge port should be independent of any electronic screen.. manually opened..

  9. 15k miles and it already had a few serious issues…
    My father has a Mitsubishi X and it has already made a bit over 300k km(google it, ~186k miles), he had 0! Yes, 0! issues with it. It never broke, no issues since 2007(when my father bought it brand new).

  10. Regarding the young guy who wants to buy a Subaru and drive it long term, I would say avoid it like the plague. It's the only Japanese car I know that is unreliable, and after about 100K miles will start to give you problems. The best long term investment is Toyota, followed by Honda.

  11. Tesla did show me how to solve the Blank Screen problems. First, press two buttons on the steering wheel simultaneously for three second. Then, everything will be reset. Screen will work again. So don't worry about the screen problems. When you parked under the sun for hours, it might happened again. All you have to do is reset it again, it will return normal.

  12. Tesla is a truly ground-breaking company.  With so much in that car that is so new I am amazed it hasn't had more problems.  I have watched videos from Tesla owners and the company has been very responsive and fixed their minor problems very quickly, for free, without any hidden charges… and even fixed service bulletin issues for free even when they were not presenting a problem on the vehicle in question. 

    One gentleman had two issues I do not think Tesla handled well…
    1) Negative camber on the drivers side rear wheel.  That thing leaned in at a very steep angle and Tesla did not correct it properly.
    2) His rear hatch would hit the bumper and it was wearing through the paint.  Their "fix" was to unscrew the rubber stoppers until they were about to fall out… and they did not replace the damaged bumper. 

    They may have replaced it later because he said he was going to address the issue with them further.  Still, all the little fiddly bits they fixed for free.. the pickup of the car and dropping off a loaner… This is much better service than you will get from GM.

  13. This is so irritating to watch because if you turn the volume up high enough for them to be intelligible when they're mumbling and whispering to eachother,, you get your ears blown out when they laugh. Evidently the technical geniuses at CR have never heard of dynamic audio compression.

  14. These cars use Platinum in the battery cells, which is a rare earth metal more so than gold. If we are willing to go to war over oil, consider going to war over platinum. It is primarily mined out of South Africa making us reliant once again on foreign resources that can be used to manipulate the economy, you think they are expensive now just wait.

  15. Tesla "cars" are just fancy golf carts. I will race any assclown with a Tesla $100,000 + "car" and I will drive a honda, from San francisco to Los Angeles. See you in LA in about 2 days and I hope you like the town of little Panocha and Gorman because you are going to be there for hours. Just because you wasted your money on a golf cart, don't get mad that your golf cart "car" has problems.

  16. God I hate CR when it comes to cars/trucks. I wish they would stick to blenders and
    leave auto reviews to the car magazines.

  17. I didn't know that Tesla came and got the car and dropped you off a loaner if it needs to be serviced before now. That's great!

    I'm not sure if they will keep doing that with the Model 3 or not but it definitely makes an occasional problem much easier to forgive. Tesla seems to do a lot of things differently, being electric is only one difference of many.

  18. Would the host please stop interrupting the others while they are speaking!!!

  19. software is normal that hangs. In many computers hangs software. Big deal and door handle get a clue stupid consumer. 1 guy buy a Mercedes  amg G version and after 5000 miles engine destroyed and died new car died. and Mercedes cost of 5 teslas.

  20. Every new model (and new manufacturer) has some problems, and this car happens to be especially complex, so no surprise there. Even Elon is not perfect. But the Model S goes a lot faster than sedans that cost much more, stays flat in turns because it has a lower center gravity than any other car, and will never rust because it's all aluminum. It's the future of driving, and it's a hell of a lot of fun.

  21. For me the real range anxiety is having a performance car with current gas prices! lol. Engine problems, oil changes, gas smell, gas stations and long term value of the car have been my main complaint on regular cars.  That Tesla sure looks tempting.

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