Terraria Breaks New Ground on Xbox Live Arcade

This considerably-loved environment setting up activity helps make its way to consoles with new controls, a starter manual, and more.

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37 thoughts on “Terraria Breaks New Ground on Xbox Live Arcade

  1. I play Terraria from 1 month and I have 400 health now, 220/220 mana, a lot of rare items and stuff.. But the thing I like about the game is the exploring element.. You feel so pleased when you find new ores, mineralf, etc. I love this game! 10/10 <3

  2. ya ya ik ik i forgot cause my terraria was deleted but now my friends got it on PS3 and we basicly beat the game now i remember

  3. Is it just me or did they try to point out it's on Xbox every chance they got, even though it's originally PC and it's on ps3?

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  5. Wow, you lost to the Eye Of Chutulu with full meteror armor, A flame thrower, Mega shark, and Feiry great sword? Dude, you need some practice.

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