Tesla Model S: What The Owners Have To Say (#one)

Tesla Model S Owners Recommendations. Read THIS Please:

In this video clip, I spoke to four Tesla Model S homeowners on digicam.
I preferred to uncover out what the actual homeowners have to say, vs . what I say about the Model S. Its generally enough I get told that what I say does not imply a full large amount simply because I do not very own a single. With any luck , this assists with individuals who said that.
I was going to do this anyway, I preferred to anyway, no matter of what men and women say.
Considering the fact that i adore Tesla Motors, additional than just the vehicles they make… Far more to it than that. I imagine this ought to be the long term of all transportation and we ought to get there as speedy as we can for a number of distinct good reasons. Gas is not going to do it for a great deal for a longer period.

You will uncover that if you believed about it for a tiny little bit. It can be extremely useful to you as nicely as your loved ones.
Why electric powered? Properly, why fuel? Just one issue is for positive, and is a actuality. Electric powered vehicles are better for you as nicely as natural environment. Never pay attention to individuals who say electric powered vehicles are worse for the natural environment and make additional problems, Radiation, Mind most cancers, ALL untrue!

If you have any queries in regards of Tesla Motors or any other EV, please check with. Id be happy to enable out. I want and have to have my future car or truck to be all electric powered!

Below is the unique invite to why and how i was able to speak to the homeowners:

Chris, KmanAuto was the host.

The men and women who participated in this occasion:

-Me, Obviously / TMC: Mike Anthony: 2004 F-150 FX4 Supercrew, five.4L 3v V8, 197K miles five/seventeen/2014.

-Chris, KmanAuto / TMC: islandbayy, HOST of occasion.
2013 Tesla Model S. #9846, 28,seven hundred miles five/seventeen/2014. 60 kWh, Solid Black, Solid Roof Textile, Piano Black Decor, Standard 19″ rims, Goodyear Tires, Twin Chargers, HPWC & UMC, Supercharging Enabled, Rear Going through Child Seats, Tesla WeatherTech All Year Ground Liners.

-Dianne / TMC: Vadersmom.
2012 Tesla Model S. Signiture #fifty, eighty five kWh, Signiture Purple, All Glass Panoramic Sunroof, Tan Nappa Perforated Leather, Obeche Wooden Gloss Decor, Standard 19″ Wheels, Goodyear Tires, Tech Package deal, Lively Air Suspension, Sound Studio Package deal, Tesla WeatherTech All Year Ground Liners. (As far as I can see what it had & is not in this video clip.)

-Joseph / TMC: Vexar.
2013 Tesla Model S. #3371. 22,000 Miles five/seventeen/2014, Solid White, Black Roof, Gray Nappa Leather, Lacewood Decor, Standard 19″ Rims, Goodyear Tires, Air Suspension (Early Model S did not need Tech Package deal for air suspension) And Early Model S with no the Tech Package deal, Acquired 50 percent the Tech Package deal already in it as normal! Single Charger, UMC.

-Chris B / TMC: glhs272.
2013 Tesla Model S. #16381, 22,551 miles five/seventeen/2014, 60 kWh, Solid White, All Glass Panoramic Sunroof, Black Nappa Leather, Obeche Wooden Matte Decor, Standard 19″ Wheels, Goodyear Tires, Tech Package deal, Good Air Suspension, Ultra Higher Fidelity Sound System, Single Charger, UMC, Numerous Adapters.

-Dude T / TMC: Phoster.
2013 Tesla Model S. 23,970 miles five/seventeen/2014, Gray Metallic, All Glass Panoramic Sunroof, Gray Nappa Leather, Obeche Wooden Matte Decor, Standard 19″ Rims, Goodyear Tires, Tech Package deal, Good Air Suspension, Sound Studio Package deal, Single Charger, HPWC & UMC.
Thank you for letting me drive your Model S!

-Calvin K / TMC: Calvin.K.
2012 Chevrolet Volt. Top quality. 18k Miles five/seventeen/2014. Silver Ice Metallic Paint. Navigation, Parking Sensors, Bose Audio System, seventeen” polished Aluminum Rims.

-Sandrift Resort. Wherever most of occasion was held.

Many thanks Everyone FOR Almost everything!!!

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So as you can convey to i adore Tesla as nicely as other electric powered vehicles!
They are almost certainly the coolest factors for the automotive environment.
As I said.. we ought to transfer to them as speedy as we can!
I adore to debunk common unfavorable stereotypes about EVs as finest as I can with evidence to back it up with!

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36 thoughts on “Tesla Model S: What The Owners Have To Say (#one)

  1. 1. I think it might be helpful to do a "flip side" interview video: interview some people who are selling their Teslas and ask why. Don't like? Not practical? Lease up? "Upgrading" to a newer model? Etc? Owner bias will self-justify ownership – an expected human response. Sellers will also have biases – reasons to sell that they justify to themselves. A combo video of owner + seller viewpoints might give a fuller picture with less unbalanced bias. 2. Just a thought on cost of production: if there are so few parts, as mentioned frequently regarding the need for minimal maintenance, then why does the vehicle cost so much? Transmission has got to be cheaper (it's just an electric motor) but the regenerative brakes have to be more. so is the cost of the battery and electronic controls equal to all the stuff an ICE vehicle has that the Tesla doesn't? (Engine, cooling, filters, fuel management, emissions management, etc). Or is the price set mostly out of financing concerns for covering fixed/sunken cost of production and ongoing expenditures based on a some cost/unit vs total volume produced calculations? Or is it just priced as high as the market will bear? Maybe we'll have to wait for Samsung to make a cheaper clone….

  2. I just wish the Tesla's where a bit more aggressive and sporty looking. Its too conservative and the lack of noise and disconnection from the road would bother me and make me want to sell it after a short period of time I fear. I know the world is going this way but what is going to set vehicles apart in the future? When they all cars have these engines and nothing differs performance wise. How am I going to spend night tuning it and making it go faster? That will all become a thing of the past along with motor sport in general i guess ? I love to pull more performance out of the cars I have. I love to make them unique but I guess thats all going to be history. I drive a BMW M4 at the moment and love it! I was looking at a 1 year old Tesla but after the test drive I was put off by how boring it was in comparison. Fast as hell but dull and disconnected at the same time. The nearest charge point from where I live was 50 miles away and would require me to stand there for 2 hours.

  3. I'm seriously reconsidering my model 3 deposit and just may kick down for the model s instead. thanks for this video.

  4. There's one thing I wish all electric cars would come with, solar panels. While they may not charge much of the battery any little bit to get extra range would be nice. Until they offer solar panels built on to the cars and their range can go over 1000 miles per charge I'll be happy with driving a gas truck.

  5. I am thinking of getting a 35K*** on the MODEL 3. How much do you pay for the maintenance ?

    When does it ACTUALLY BREAK DOWN.


  7. had a $32,000 F-250 and after one year I had to pay $1,200 property tax in Virginia then about $1,000 the next year. I estimated at 8,000 miles per year I pay $1,000 per month for all bills that are required to keep that truck. The loan had a low intrest of 2. something percent. my problem now with buying anything expensive is having to pay high property tax. Cars have to depreciate quickly for that property tax to go down here in Virginia

  8. Does the first owner have a youtube channel? I really enjoyed listening to him talk about his car. Very interesting.

  9. for all those that think electric cars are good for the environment… most electricity is made from fossil fuel and the conversion from fossil fuel to electricity is only 40% efficient. You are polluting more by driving an electric car.

  10. Cant wait for electric cars to become affordable and the average vehicle on the road.

  11. I've been a fan of Tesla for years. An EV in my near future would be nice. It's always great to have an accumulation of opinions. Good Job on the interviews! Thanks…

  12. Ya got MONEY for a TESLA , Fk ya worried about any oil change fees. Tesla is a sweet ride, WAY WAY over priced. It's all for GREED. ! I know about the ones coming soon….40k–50k small suv. But serious……when will a company build an affordable electric automobile . ?

  13. Yeah I met an owner at a mustang show he said he could beat anything in there and all those cars would be dead in ten years when in reality they won't but he tried to convince me to go electric instead of MURICA power

  14. Just a question… what in the world are you doing while the guy speaks? It sounds like you are opening a pack of mints, then joggling camera batteries, then sliding up and down the dashboard, opening a bag of cheetos, just my 2c… (BTW I will get a Tesla if I can ever afford it).

  15. Great video thanks for taking the time to put this together I wish I had enough money to get one

  16. dont want to hear any of the BS about gas….the dude is driving a car burning coal most likely….whats the difference?I like tesla,its big,powerful and fast and I like the idea of not going to the nasty gas station…..

  17. 2:00 That owner seems to ignore that you can't build much of anything (including electric cars) without fossil fuels, or grow food on a large scale, and countless other things. Due to physics, batteries will never power heavy industry (which needs intense heat and torque) and much beyond light transportation, except for commuter trains. An all-electric economy is pure fantasy, short of some miracle power source. Littering the world's scenery with wind turbines and solar arrays won't even help too much.

  18. Dude, this is a cool channel. I really appreciate the effort put into the detail on covering everything on the Tesla Model S from real drivers and the effort shows.
    Well done man.

  19. What a great video review! How nice of these guys to give such a wide range of experience reviews. Extremely informative…I'm sold! I've found a few that I'm interested in. I'm going to buy pre-owned, and incidentally I'm not sure why anyone would get rid of one of these! Oh well, their loss will be my gain!

  20. Tesla has a motor with only one moving and no transmission that is 2 big costs that hit you in the wallet hard … gone forever . No starter motor , alternator , radiator, water pump , fuel pump , no belts , oil change , tune ups spark plugs , smog test , fuel injection , no air filter , oil filter , fuel filter no fuel!!!! no cadelidic converters … somebody stop me . 260 miles (full charge ) for 7 bucks more on my electric bill. the savings on fuel goes straight to my car payment …

  21. You seem like a very wise man and I like the points you made at the end of the video, but I feel like you could've been more articulate in your part of the video. I'm not hating, just trying to provide constructive criticism. Best of luck with saving for that Tesla, buddy. I'm on the same journey

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